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WhoisXML API’s Core Product Portfolio & Capabilities

For more than a decade we have developed an extensive portfolio of APIs, web-based lookup tools, and database downloads, in addition to the Domain Research Suite (DRS)—an all-in-one GUI platform for extensive domain research and monitoring. Our data is updated weekly, daily, or even real-time with automatic indexing of new records fetched.

Check this page for an overview of our entire product capabilities supported by comprehensive WHOIS, DNS, IP, and website intelligence and find the right WhoisXML API products for your business.

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4.2 Billion+Domains and subdomains
15.6 Billion+WHOIS records
Multi-billionDNS records
11+Years of data crawling

Our Data Consumption Models

  • Database Downloads

    Database Downloads

    Our data feeds are available for download in convenient formats to ease custom and private integration into your systems and support tailored data enrichment activities.

  • APIs


    Our APIs are supported by an enterprise-grade infrastructure for uninhibited access to our data. We also provide developer libraries and code samples for major programming languages.

  • Lookup Reports

    Lookup Reports

    Our web-hosted lookup tools provide an easy way to query domains, IPs, brand names, registrants, and many other strings and review output results via shareable reports.

  • Domain Research Suite (DRS GUI Tools)

    Domain Research Suite (DRS GUI Tools)

    The Domain Research Suite is a set of GUI tools for advanced domain search, monitoring, and footprint expansion—combining WHOIS, DNS, and subdomain intelligence for deep contextualization and versatile pivoting.

Find the Right WhoisXML API Products For Your Business

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