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Threat Intelligence Platform

We provide a handy tool and APIs for breakdown of hosts and their infrastructure. The platform obtains data from various providers and our own substantial internal databases (put together for over 10 years), analyzes host configurations in real time, and offers an in-depth perspective of the target host. It is a building block in your toolkit for threat detection.

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Collect data on a host
Analyze configuration
Identify any hazardous item

Threat intelligence analysis

Get an instant breakdown of the host and the infrastructure behind it through the web interface.

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Threat Intelligence Platform

We offer comprehensive data APIs that can be easy integrated into your system, boosting it with a better threat intelligence analysis.

Domain's Infrastructure Analysis API

Get a collection of a particular domain’s web, mail, and name servers along with its known subdomains. Identify each infrastructure entry’s IP address, physical location along with its subnetwork data.

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SSL Certificates Chain API

Get a breakdown of a particular domain’s SSL Certificate and the complete SSL Certificates chain. The information is provided in a unified and coherent JSON format for easy integration with your system.

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SSL Configuration Analysis API

For a particular domain, identify and analyze SSL connection to the host and analyze its configuration so as to detect likely issues that might lead to vulnerabilities.

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Domain Malware Check API

For a particular domain, find out whether it is deemed malicious by established security data sources. Malicious domains may be linked to a network of malware distribution or host a hostile code.

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Connected Domains API

Get a list of domain names, which includes subdomains, that resolve to a given IP address. Make sure your website doesn’t share its IP address with any malicious domains, as that is likely to lead to overblocking – a situation when a blocked malicious site leads to the blocking of other sites with the same IP. Investigate the infrastructure of linked domains.

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Domain Reputation Scoring API

Use multiple security data sources along with an instant host's audit procedure to assess a domain's reputation. Collect and assess over hundreds of parameters for a particular domain, and get the reputation score based on them.

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IP Resolution

Analyze the infrastructure of a host, get its IP addresses along with their physical/ASN distribution and see how the results compare to those of the reverse IP lookup.

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SSL Certificates

Conduct an analysis of the domain's SSL (HTTPS) certificates, research its SSL connection and configuration.

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Website Content

Analyze the content, its relations to other domains and host configuration details.

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Malware Detection

Check if the domain is deemed malicious in established malware data feeds.

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WHOIS records

Obtain, output and analyze the WHOIS record of a domain name.

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Mail Servers

Check configuration of DNS MX records and examine the corresponding mail servers.

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Name Servers

Check configuration of name servers, output details and likely configuration issues.

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