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Achieve greater digital ROI with our marketing & business intelligence packages

Get access to billions of recorded Internet events with our packages designed to enrich business and marketing intelligence processes and products in meaningful and efficient ways. Work with our domain, IP, and DNS footprints to:

  • Monitor customers, competitors, and other industry players
  • Track visitors’ locations and confirm their identities
  • Strengthen your lead generation and sales efforts
  • Personalize content and digital marketing campaigns
  • Grow your marketing email lists and client databases
  • Gather clues on new product launches and potential mergers and acquisitions (M&As)
  • Implement digital rights management (DRM) strategies
  • … and much more
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13.7+ billionWHOIS records
721+ millionDomains tracked
2,864+TLDs & ccTLDs
4.2+ billionDomains and subdomains

Why work with us?

Years of intelligence gathering

Our data sources cover more than 330 million registered websites, 13.7B+ WHOIS records, 99.5% of all IP addresses in use, and 500 billion historical DNS events.

Fresh and updated data

Our databases are regularly refreshed to give you access to the latest domain registration and IP address events related to competitors, partners, stakeholders, and customers.

Skip the legwork

Our data gathering and processing activities are supported by legal agreements and partnerships with registrars and Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide.

Get value right away

Our domain and IP intelligence data is well-parsed and structured for easy integration into existing systems and solutions. We also provide code libraries for all our APIs.

Our packages for marketers and business professionals

Complete Domain and IP Intelligence Package

We designed this all-in-one package for large enterprises and leading marketing companies looking to access all the business and marketing intelligence we can provide, covering domain names, IP addresses, DNS records, websites, contact information, and more.

WHOIS Intelligence Package

A package tailored to business professionals who want to dig into possibly the largest repository of historical and current WHOIS records available while keeping track of the most recent domain ownership changes.

Product Frequency/Units
WHOIS Database Download Daily
WHOIS History API Unlimited
Newly Registered Domains Daily

Domain Intelligence Package

This package combines the insights of WHOIS intelligence, passive DNS data, and our specialized datasets for deeper understanding and contextualization of the domain landscape. It’s ideal for professionals who want to learn more about Internet hosts and make brand protection a component of their business and marketing intelligence efforts.

IP Intelligence Package

We created this package for marketers who want to establish greater context around the IP addresses of their visitors, users, and customers. Using only an IP address as a starting point, you can find any user’s matching location down to the city level, the corresponding IP range and ownership details, and connected domains and DNS records.

Product Frequency/Units
IP Netblocks Database Unlimited
IP Geolocation Database Weekly
DNS Database Download Weekly

You can select all of the mentioned packages or pick those you specifically need. For pricing and details contact us.

Common use cases

Stay on top of market trends

Study the dynamics and evolution of domain name registrations and IP address allocations to identify new customer segments, geographical markets, and other business opportunities.

Monitor your competitive space

Know who in your line of business is going strong. Domain name acquisitions and changes in IP address allocation and DNS records can serve as clues to M&As, product/service launches, new market entrances, and disinvestments.

Improve product development

Reinforce your product capabilities and correlate existing datasets with all the activity and connections we have tracked across TLDs and the entire IP address space.

Feed your marketing efforts with actionable data

Our data gathering and processing activities are supported by legal agreements and partnerships with registrars and Internet service providers (ISPs) worldwide.

Keep your brands and reputation protected

Stay alerted to events that may affect your trademarked assets, copyrighted contents, and business reputation. Scrutinize both existing and potential suppliers and partners to make sure they are who they say they are.

Add context to your lead generation and sales activities

Qualify leads based on the age, registered location, and other ownership parameters of their web properties. Use domain and IP intelligence to engage with current and prospective clients meaningfully.

For pricing details and building your customized solution, please contact us!