Elevate your SIEM platform with domain and IP data | WhoisXML API

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Solutions

Deep enrichment and contextualization are critical processes for detecting, triaging, and responding effectively to SIEM-detected alerts. Our comprehensive sources of domain, IP, and DNS intelligence are aggregated and processed to add immediate value to SIEM platforms and their capabilities.

Enable the enrichment of suspicious hostnames, IP addresses, email addresses, and more. Allow users to quickly pivot on recorded data points and identify connected footprints that might be part of an ongoing or upcoming attack.

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13.7+ billionWHOIS records
721+ millionDomains tracked
2,864+TLDs & ccTLDs
4.2+ billionDomains and subdomains

Our SIEM value proposition

Fit for purpose

Use our intelligence in the way that best works for you—via API calls using our scalable infrastructure, direct database downloads for use within your environment, and/or web-based investigative tools.

Deep and wide coverage

Our intelligence covers root domains, subdomains, IP addresses, DNS records, asset and infrastructure owners, geolocation, and more.

Skip the extensive legwork

Avoid tons of manual work. Access well-parsed and normalized data in convenient formats for direct integration into your SIEM platforms. Benefit from our legal agreements with multiple third-parties to ensure the completeness of our data.

Know all about domain, IP, and DNS occurrences as they happen

Our data is regularly refreshed to include the hundreds of thousands of new occurrences (i.e., properties added, updates, etc.) throughout the Domain Name System and the IPv4 and IPv6 spaces.

Customizable solution components

Enterprise Security Intelligence Packages

An all-in suite of WHOIS, Domain, and IP intelligence packages containing all of our databases and unlimited access to WHOIS History API.

Enterprise Tools Packages

A set of tools and platforms useful for domain research & monitoring and the contextualization of domains and IP addresses connected to security events on the fly.

Enterprise API Packages

A comprehensive set of APIs for gathering domain, DNS, and IP intelligence while relying on our enterprise-grade API infrastructure.

Enterprise Data Feed Packages

A comprehensive set of domain, IP, and DNS data feeds ready for correlation with other sources. We offer a variety of download options with predictable pricing models.

You can select all of the mentioned components or pick those you specifically need. For pricing and details contact us.

Our intelligence sources enable SIEM users to:

  • Detect threats and investigate them by enriching domain and IP data found in network logs and blocklists.
  • Increase network visibility in near-real-time with our updated sources of intelligence.
  • Combine cyber threat intelligence sources to detect and monitor Internet assets in countries known for geopolitical cyber risks.
  • Run pivot analyses from recorded data points of interest found in WHOIS and DNS records.
  • Get reliable data to finetune threat response workflows and speed up response time.
  • Check the vulnerabilities and misconfigurations of web properties and their connected IP/DNS/subdomain assets.
  • Sort security events, reduce the number of false positives, save time, and identify breaches faster.

Customer success stories

SIEM Enrichment using WHOIS Data

IBM QRadar SIEM uses intelligence provided by WhoisXML API to execute DNS forensics analysis and spot potentially malicious domains, users, and IP addresses.

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WHOIS Data for Vulnerability Notifications

Domain owners’ and other contact information points contained in WHOIS records allow for faster notifications about vulnerable domain properties.

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