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Internet Statistics Reports

Get customized reports on TLDs covering datasets falling under domain name, WHOIS and DNS category.

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4.2 Billion+Domains and subdomains
16.7 Billion+WHOIS records
BillionsDNS records
12+Years of data crawling
13.1+IP netblocks in total

We have the most comprehensive domain name databases
covering the most TLDs

Generic TLDs:
.com .net .org .edu .int .mil .gov
Country TLDs:
.de .uk .cn .ru .tk .nl .eu .fr .au .ca, etc.
New TLDs:
.info .xyz .top .us .loan .biz .club .win .vip, etc.
Internationalized TLDs
from 在线 (online), संगठन (organization), セール (sale), 닷컴 (dot com) to vermögensberater (financial advisor)

For each TLD we track

  • Daily domain name activity (drops/adds), active domains size, trends, creation/expiry, renewals, pending deletes, renewal rates, etc.
  • Registrar market shares, registrant country/region/city market shares, registrant name/email market shares, WHOIS and DNS servers market shares, etc.
  • Related TLDs by parent organisation, back-end provider or sector.
... and much more!

We have the largest domain name WHOIS database in the world!

Up-to-date and accurate statistics
Gain insights into various domain data
Reports customized based on your requirements
Spreadsheet, graphical or any other format

What reports we build

  • Daily domain name activities.
  • TLD registration and removal trends.
  • Reports on key attributes of domain name registration: registrant, contact email, registrar, name servers, etc.
  • Top members of any key attributes: top 10 most TLDs with most new domain registration, top 20 registrants with most domain registrations, top 10 registrars with most market share, top 10 name servers that host the most domains, etc.
... and any other report you want!

Sample reports

Type of TLD Number of TLDs Domains registered Signed zones Upcoming deletes

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