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Internet Surface Intelligence

Achieve new levels of visibility into attack surfaces with real-time and historical coverage of Internet events.

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Internet Surface Intelligence
50 Billion+Domains and subdomains
21.0 Billion+WHOIS records
116 Billion+DNS records
14+Years of data crawling
10.4 Million+IP netblocks in total

How do you identify DNS based vulnerabilities with a satellite view of the internet?


Threat actors weaponize and exploit almost everything they can get their hands on, from hostnames, subdomains, and open ports to countless other resources. They can turn endpoints into entry points, endlessly giving birth to attack vectors and continuously expanding attack surfaces. One way to keep up is to increase attack surface visibility. But the Internet has many blind spots that can obstruct your view of connectivity-reliant IT ecosystems. To ensure real-time DNS asset discovery and monitoring, multilateral domain attribution, and single point of failure detection, you need all the transparency you can get to create, monitor, and prioritize an expanding inventory of every possible attack vector.


Extensive and continuous attack surface visibility requires an unbridled view of the DNS for complete Internet asset discovery and monitoring. You need to take your blinders off and get Internet-wide visibility for accurate asset vulnerability and configuration assessment. WHOIS, domain, IP, and other Internet intelligence sources are critical additions to your existing and evolving attack surface intelligence, helping you—and everyone relying on you—keep up with your ever-growing attack surface.

How Do You Scope Attack Surfaces with a Satellite View of the Internet?

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Gain a Satellite View of the World’s DNS Today

The WhoisXML API data engine is built and frequently upgraded to offer you the most complete, updated, and unique Internet intelligence footprints since 2010. Don’t get lost in all the red tape and unforeseen technical complexities of finding your own domain and DNS data. Our technology is ready to give back months or years of development cycle time to your most pressing and mission-critical projects and deployments.

Practical usage

Our Internet intelligence footprints have supported multiple processes related to attack surface management (ASM), such as:

Digital Asset Discovery

Digital assets accumulate unprecedentedly, as new SaaS services and cloud infrastructures get deployed, following business expansions, acquisitions, and new partnerships. Use DNS, WHOIS, and other Internet data sources to boost your capabilities and identify all connected digital assets through horizontal and vertical discovery and attribution.

Dangerous Asset Detection

Dangerous assets can take on many forms, including but not limited to dangling DNS records, subdomains added by threat actors, and typo variants of your domains and subdomains. DNS intelligence can help with the detection and attribution of these assets.

Digital Asset Scoring

Security teams need an objective method to prioritize vulnerabilities, risks, and threats. Use DNS, WHOIS, and other Internet data sources to assign quantitative scores to digital assets, making it possible to rank them for remediation prioritization.

Remediation Prioritization

Among the marks of effective ASM is proper and efficient allocation of IT resources. DNS intelligence sources are valuable additions to help assess risks and vulnerabilities for security teams to know which ones to prioritize in remediation activities.

Third-Party Inventory and Observation

Extensive ASM pays attention to third-party services since threat actors can exploit them to get to their original targets. Utilize DNS, domain, and IP intelligence to discover and track third-party applications and perform security analyses and scoring on newly connected resources.

Real-Time Monitoring

ASM is a never-ending process that requires continuous detection and monitoring of digital assets. Observe critical business assets round-the-clock for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and risk exposure by monitoring the DNS and various security data feeds for asset additions, changes, and other activities.

Penetration Testing

Effective penetration testing can only be done after thorough reconnaissance. DNS intelligence sources provide valuable visibility into target systems to simulate cyber attacks and stay one step ahead of threat actors.

Single Point of Failure (SPoF) Detection

With the increasing reliance on root assets to operate, effective ASM monitors an organization’s DNS infrastructure to identify any vulnerable component that could cause the whole system or network to fail.

What Our Clients Say

"WhoisXML API is giving us access to DNS and WHOIS coverage that has proven to be unique to our environment. My team used the data to bolster asset discovery reach and enhance the precision of our attributions and vulnerability detection analyses."

ASM Solutions Provider

"We’re constantly comparing the data. With subdomains, you guys again have more, better data. The one other company we were using for subdomains has fewer observations and they do not include dates. Also, your WHOIS history has more, and more accurate data. Your data is pound for pound a much better value. By far."

Thomas Derenthal, Penetration Tester & Founder

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