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API status

Real-time checks of APIs performance and status. A file with relevant information about the status of all APIs in JSON format is available here: https://main.whoisxmlapi.com/api-status.json. You can freely use it in your services when integrating APIs. Below is a description of the parameters of this file.

  • name: Service name
  • url: Service URL
  • status: Service status. Possible values: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3.
    0 – All tests passed. 1 – The partial outage status means the API didn\'t pass some of our internal tests. You may encounter errors, unexpected behavior or failures to get a response. 2 – the data issues status means the API passed all of the internal tests, but the data returned for some requests is either outdated, incomplete or missing. 3 – Major outage means that all of the tests failed.
  • responseTime: Service response time in seconds
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