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Market and Competitive Intelligence

Deliver data-driven market and competitor insights by fusing real-time domain and DNS data into your intelligence stack.

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Internet Surface Intelligence
50 Billion+Domains and subdomains
20.0 Billion+WHOIS records
116 Billion+DNS records
14+Years of data crawling
13.5 Million+IP netblocks in total

How Can You Make Your Market Intelligence More Inclusive and Insightful?


Individuals and entities make critical business and investment decisions based on insights from market trend analysis, marketing research, competitor monitoring, and other related activities. Meanwhile, existing or prospective clients, competitors, and major industry players engage in countless types of business activities every second across all corners of the Web. No matter your line of business, staying relevant and competitive means going beyond consumer semantics and social media listening. Visibility into the world’s Domain Name System (DNS), in general, and relevant organizations’ digital infrastructure, in particular, can fuel critical and real-life business decisions.


Gaining a complete understanding of specific markets, competitors, and industry players requires a comprehensive view of everything happening online as digital transformation accelerates. An in-depth view of an entity’s DNS and domain infrastructure can tell otherwise-hidden stories of acquisitions, mergers, and product launches, to name a few. WHOIS and IP intelligence can let clients in on emerging market trends, situations, and saturation levels. Along with existing market and competitive intelligence, Internet-wide visibility helps marketing professionals, researchers, domain portfolio managers, and platform developers gain better and deeper insights into competitive environments and markets.

How Can You Make Your Market Intelligence More Inclusive and Insightful?

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Gain a Satellite View of the World’s DNS Today

The WhoisXML API data engine is built and frequently upgraded to offer you the most complete, updated, and unique Internet intelligence footprints since 2010. Don’t get lost in all the red tape and unforeseen technical complexities of finding your own domain and DNS data. Our technology is ready to give back months or years of development cycle time to your most pressing and mission-critical projects and deployments.

Practical usage

Our Internet intelligence sources enhance market and competitive capabilities and activities, such as:

Market Forecasting

Analyze the past and current behaviors of specific markets and detect emerging trends. Incorporate registrar, registry, and top-level domain (TLD) distribution when creating market- or company-specific analyses and projections.

Competitive Research and Monitoring

Zoom in on the real-time DNS and domain activities of close competitors to gather clues on potential strategic plans, such as product launches, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), and digital transformation activities.

B2B Target Market Profile Enrichment

Enrich business-to-business (B2B) target customer personas by studying the domain infrastructure of potential clients. Take profiles a notch higher by adding contact information from domain registration records and web pages.

Service Discovery

Determine who and the extent to which a particular software-as-a-service (SaaS) or cloud service is being used or has been deployed historically as evidenced by domain and DNS breadcrumbs. DNS-based service discovery can also fuel market forecasting and provide time-based context.

Corporate Domain Portfolio Management

Effectively oversee and monitor an entity’s entire domain portfolio with extensive tracking of domain statuses, typosquatting registrations, and other signs of brand abuse, impersonation, and phishing activities taking place on the DNS.

Domain Name Investing

Make DNS intelligence-based purchasing decisions. Analyze domain registration trends worldwide or concentrate on specific generic top-level domains (gTLDs), new generic top-level domains (ngTLDs), or country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs) to fuel domain investment strategies.

What Our Clients Say

"We have worked with WhoisXML API to input domain and DNS data into several research automation projects. We mainly use their feeds to boost our ability to see how domain registrations and other Internet activities are connected to particular organizations and their industries every quarter to enhance our financial forecasts."

Market Researcher and Analyst
Global Investment Management Company

"We’re constantly comparing data. With subdomains, you guys again have more and better data. The one other company we were using for subdomains has fewer observations and they do not include dates. Your WHOIS history has a greater volume of more accurate data. Also, your reverse WHOIS tool is significantly better than the competition. Your data provides pound for pound much better value by far. "

Thomas Derenthal, Penetration Tester & Founder

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