Know Who You’re Talking To (KWYTT) Intelligence | WhoisXML API

Know Who You’re Talking To (KWYTT) Intelligence

Fuse Internet-wide visibility into your ecosystem for deeper identity verification and cyber risk monitoring.

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Know Who You’re Talking To (KWYTT) Intelligence
4.2 Billion+Domains and subdomains
15.6 Billion+WHOIS records
Multi-billionDNS records
11+Years of data crawling

How Do You Collect Enough Relevant Data to Unify Fragmented Digital Identities?


Every day, you connect with suppliers, vendors, resellers, distributors, customers, users, and countless other parties to cultivate relationships with multiple entities through different digital channels. But the inherent and emerging blind spots of the Internet, alongside persistent and resourceful threat actors, make these virtual relationships potentially risky and untrustworthy. That’s why you have to unmask the digital identities of everyone you’re talking to and tackle the challenge of fragmented and widely spread-out data sources.


Implementing a zero-trust security framework calls for a unified view of the DNS for continuous and accurate identification, certification, and verification of digital identities—suppliers, vendors, resellers, distributors, customers, users, employees, or anyone really. WHOIS, domain, IP, and other Internet intelligence sources can complement and enrich sophisticated security solutions and strategies, helping you tread the fine line between relationship cultivation and network protection.

How Do You Collect Enough Relevant Data to Unify Fragmented Digital Identities?

Our Enterprise Value Proposition

Scalable data access. Flexible licensing models. Better coverage and higher total value delivered. Those are just a few differentiators of our enterprise data solutions and packages tailored to your business priorities.

  • Diamond: Includes all products listed below with Premium SLA
  • Gold: Pick 2 of each Tier, includes Gold SLA
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  • Starter: Pick 1 Tier-1 product, 1 Tier-2 product
Tier Product Frequency/updates
P Real-time & Historic Whois Streaming Real-time Stream, Daily & Quarterly Feed, Real-time API Lookups
P Real-time & Historic Passive DNS Coverage Daily + Weekly Feed, Real-time API Lookups
P Enterprise APIs & Threat Intelligence APIs Enterprise APIs T5 & Threat Intelligence APIs (1M CPM)
1 Real-time Whois Data Coverage Daily & Quarterly Feed, Real-time API
1 Real-time DNS Coverage Weekly Feeds, Real-time API
1 IP Geolocation & Netblocks Data Coverage Daily Feeds
1 Website Contacts & Categorization Feed Daily Feed
2 Subdomains Database Feed Daily Feed
2 IP Netblocks (IPv4 + IPv6) Daily Feed
2 IP Geolocation Database Daily Feed
2 Typosquatting Data Feed (Enriched) Daily Feed
2 Disposable Email Domains Feed Daily Feed
2 MAC Address Vendor Database Daily Feed

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Gain a Satellite View of the World’s DNS Today

The WhoisXML API data engine is built and frequently upgraded to offer you the most complete, updated, and unique Internet intelligence footprints since 2010. Don’t get lost in all the red tape and unforeseen technical complexities of finding your own domain and DNS data. Our technology is ready to give back months or years of development cycle time to your most pressing and mission-critical projects and deployments.

Practical usage

Our Internet intelligence footprints have enabled a variety of use cases, among which:

Cyber Risk Insurance

Help insurers, reinsurers, and brokers assess and quantify the cyber risks of insurance buyers by identifying and attributing possible cyber attack vectors and risk exposures.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Determine, validate, and monitor customer identities by scrutinizing their WHOIS, IP, and DNS footprints. Deepen due diligence by exposing suspicious and malicious connections.

Cybercrime Protection and Prevention

Strengthen cybersecurity measures by determining the trustworthiness of domains, IP addresses, and email addresses through WHOIS, DNS and IP intelligence enrichment.

Third-Party Risk Management

Create and enrich the digital risk profiles of suppliers, resellers, distributors, and other third parties. Monitor their DNS activities, including domain registrations and IP connections, and assess DNS and domain infrastructure configurations.

Brand Protection

Enable multifaceted brand protection, including assessing and monitoring distribution channels, preventing brand abuse, and supporting trademark prosecution and Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy (UDRP) complaints.

Online Fraud Prevention

Intensify financial transaction verification and monitoring by examining IP addresses and uncovering all relevant details, such as geolocation, connection type, ISP, and netblock.

What Our Clients Say

"Companies can’t afford to break the speed at which they enlist new business partners. But it’d be foolish to blindly trust every unknown party on the Web. WhoisXML API brought in new perspectives on overlooked Internet properties and DNS configurations to add value to our third-party verification criteria and mechanisms."

Director of Product
Identify Verification Platform Provider

"We’re excited to get the data, as it’s above our expectations in terms of accuracy. We haven’t used data feeds from providers like WhoisXML API before. They were among the main components that we used to spin up our business."

Candan Bolukbas, Co-Founder and CTO
NormShield (now Black Kyte)

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