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Join WhoisXML API’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Partnership/Integration Program

WhoisXML API works with a variety of partners and affiliates to make cyber threat intelligence more relevant and widely available in the fight against cybercrime. Our sources of domain, IP, and DNS data contribute to the cybersecurity ecosystem in numerous ways. We are always looking for new and creative opportunities to make the Internet safer through collaborations with top industry players.

Join WhoisXML API’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Partnership/Integration Program


WhoisXML API establishes partnerships with leading companies to correlate cyber threat intelligence, better analyze and mitigate threats, and augment product capabilities. As part of this activity, we are looking to:

  • Establish value-added reselling (VAR) and licensing agreements, notably with intelligence integration into partner products and offerings.

  • Enrich intelligence sources for open-data projects aimed at tackling the most significant cybersecurity crises globally.

What We Can Offer

Years of Data

Since 2010, we have been building some of the most extensive domain, IP, and DNS footprints globally with near 100% coverage and accuracy.

  • 11.5+ billion WHOIS records
  • 582+ million domain names
  • 2,864+ TLDs & ccTLDs
  • 99.68% IP addresses in use
  • 1 million+ NX records
  • + types of DNS records
  • 45 million+ MX records
Years of Data
Enterprise Experience

Enterprise Experience

We have expertise meeting the most demanding requirements of our enterprise clients and top security firms, including SOCs, MSSPs, commercial security platforms, IT departments, and government agencies.

We designed our Enterprise API, Enterprise Data Feed, and Enterprise Tools Packages to be an integral part of business-critical processes at the enterprise level with scalability and 24/7 support.

Custom Intelligence and Consumption Models

The fight against cybercrime can take many directions, and so can our cyber threat intelligence products. We can offer an in-depth perspective on target hosts and attackers’ infrastructure with a variety of forward, reverse, and bulk capabilities and consumption models.

  • Data feeds
  • APIs
  • Domain Research & Monitoring
  • Custom solutions
Custom Intelligence and Consumption Models

Our partners and affiliates are supported by our expert technical team that provides all the backend help you need 24/7.

Looking for Enterprise-Level API Integration?

Check our Enterprise API Packages for a complete overview of the domain and IP intelligence API capabilities we can bring in the fight against cybercrime.

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