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Support services

WHOIS API provides Customer with technical support services in accordance with the support tiers as defined below.

Response time
Severity level 1 12 hoursBusiness hours* 8 hoursBusiness hours* 4 hours24/7 4 hours24/7
Severity level 2 - 8 hoursBusiness hours* 4 hours24/7 4 hours24/7
Severity level 3 - - 12 hoursHigher priority** 12 hoursHigher priority**
Severity level 4 - - 24 hoursHigher priority** 24 hoursHigher priority**
Support access
Phone - - -
  • Whois API personnel will work on resolution during business hours, which are generally defined as 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST, excluding holidays and weekends.
  • Whois API personnel will work on it with priority 5 within the severity level.
Please note:

Whois API support staff will make commercially reasonable efforts to resolve material, reproducible bugs in the services provided, as reported by Customer (“Technical Support”). Reported bugs must be reproducible using the services as provided to Customer by Whois API. Customer must provide all support and information reasonably necessary for the bug’s reproduction, such as hardware and operating system information, and software logs. Customer may report such bugs to Whois API by e-mail and/or phone in accordance with the selected plan level.

Whois API will have no obligation of any kind to provide assistance to Technical Support with regard to any problems in the operation or performance of services caused by any of the following customer-generated errors:

  • Modifications to the services not made by Whois API or a party expressly authorized by Whois API;
  • Customer’s use of the services other than those authorized in the MSA or provided in the documentation accompanying the services.

If it is necessary to provide Technical Support for a problem caused by a Customer-Generated Error, Whois API will notify Customer of it as soon as Whois API is aware of such Customer-Generated Error, and WHOIS API will have the right to invoice Customer at Whois API’s then-current time and materials rates for all such Technical Support performed, and Customer will agree to settle this invoice.

All Support is provided in English.

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