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Law Enforcement Intelligence

Take intelligence-led investigations to the next step with a satellite view of the Internet.

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Law Enforcement Intelligence
32 Billion+Domains and subdomains
20.0 Billion+WHOIS records
116 Billion+DNS records
14+Years of data crawling
13.5 Million+IP netblocks in total

How Can Real-Time and Historical DNS Data Nurture Your Current Law Enforcement Intel Stack?


Law enforcement agencies always need to stay ahead of the technology curve and how bad actors are able to take advantage of innovative developments, privacy regulations, and bulletproof hosting and other services that make it easy to set up and maintain criminal infrastructure online. But the challenge is not just adapting to the ever-changing technological landscape or digital abuse techniques but also obtaining as much connected data as possible, leading to clues for deeper and more intensified crime investigations.


Technological capabilities that aid thorough crime investigations and case resolutions can strongly benefit from a complete view of the Internet—the network that often provides law offenders an avenue, anonymity, and the audacity to commit cybecrimes. Access to real-time and historical domain, WHOIS, IP, DNS, and other Internet-related intelligence can lead to additional clues about cybercrime and perpetrators that would otherwise remain unnoticed.

How Can Real-Time and Historical DNS Data Nurture Your Current Law Enforcement Intel Stack?

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Gain a Satellite View of the World’s DNS Today

The WhoisXML API data engine is built and frequently upgraded to offer you the most complete, updated, and unique Internet intelligence footprints since 2010. Don’t get lost in all the red tape and unforeseen technical complexities of finding your own domain and DNS data. Our technology is ready to give back months or years of development cycle time to your most pressing and mission-critical projects and deployments.

Practical usage

Our Internet intelligence sources support multiple processes that enable intelligence-led cybercrime investigations, such as:

Deeper and Broader Cybercrime Analysis and Investigation

Trace the digital footprints of law offenders, including their domains and subdomains, along with their connected IP addresses, geolocation, nameservers, and other Internet records. Broaden investigations by obtaining more clues from other properties sharing the same DNS infrastructure and characteristics.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

Thoroughly examine pieces of cybercrime evidence in light of historical and real-time Internet intelligence. Provide more context to security incidents and malicious properties, such as registration, geolocation, categorization, and DNS resolution details.

Proactive Threat Defense

Continue protecting economies, communities, entities, and individuals through real-time and early threat detection. Feed advanced law enforcement repositories and systems with real-time DNS events to detect suspicious domains, subdomains, IP addresses, and other Internet properties.

Facilitate Threat Infrastructure Takedown

Gather the information needed to take down the bad guys and their infrastructure by looking into the registration, administration, and assignment details of confirmed malicious domains and IP addresses. Support the necessary legal documents and processes for the takedown with essential DNS intelligence.

Early Detection of Counterfeiting Domains and Sites

Obtain real-time access to domain registration data to enable the timely detection of domain drop-catching and cybersquatting domains that could be vehicles for counterfeiting. Hasten the identification process by uncovering other domains registered by the offending party.

What Our Clients Say

"WhoisXML API data has led our Cybercrime Unit to clues that greatly contributed to our investigations. We pivot off certain domain and WHOIS data points to see historical domain ownership details, domain connections, DNS resolutions, and other hidden intelligence that could bring us closer to criminal infrastructure takedown, if not case resolution."

Investigation Officer
Digital Crimes Unit

"We found certain nameservers that were always used for a phishing campaign, having those in our rules enabled us to catch phishing sites before they affected our user base. WhoisXML API is a responsive and reliable provider of domain intelligence. Whenever there are issues, they are quick to respond and resolve them. Working with them is smooth and straightforward."

Christine Bejerasco, Senior Analyst
F-Secure Labs

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