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We supply APIs with exhaustive information on hosts and their infrastructure. By using data received from a range of providers and our own comprehensive internal databases (accumulated for more than a decade), and by conducting real-time host configuration analysis, we provide APIs with meticulous details of the target host. It is a building block in your system of threat detection and prevention.

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Threat Intelligence Platform

Provided APIs

Domain's Infrastructure Analysis API

Investigate a particular domain name and find out all there is to know about its web, mail, and name servers along with its registered subdomains. For each infrastructure entry, reveal its IP address, physical location and subnetwork information.

Domain Web server Mail server Name server Subdomains Geolocation info Subnetwork info
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SSL Certificates Chain API

Investigate a particular domain name and get the specifics of its SSL Certificate, including the complete SSL Certificates chain. The data is compiled in a unified and consistent JSON format that is easy to integrate with your system.

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SSL Configuration Analysis API

Investigate a particular domain name, establish and test SSL connection to the host and analyze its configuration so as to identify common configuration issues that may result in vulnerabilities.

HTTPS Host Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Domain
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Domain Malware Check API

Investigate a particular domain name and check whether it is deemed dangerous in various security data sources. Dangerous domains are those related to a malware distribution network or hosting a malicious code.

Domain Security Databases Malware
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Connected Domains API

Obtain a list of domain and subdomain names that refer to a certain IP address. Find out whether or not the website in question shares its IP address with malicious domains, as that may lead to overblocking, which is a situation when the blocking of a malicious site causes other sites with the same IP to be blocked as well. Analyze the connected domains infrastructure.

IP Domain 1 Domain 2 Domain 3
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Domain Reputation Scoring API

Assess the reputation of a domain on the basis of multiple security data sources and an instant host audit. Investigate a particular domain name, collect its reputation data and implement 120 parameters to calculate the total reputation score.

Domain Analysis Reputation score
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Threat Intelligence Data Feeds

Are you interested in threat data feed integration?

Check our threat intelligence data feeds that cover typosquatting and disposable domains and more in the form of downloadable files for use within your own security perimeter.

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