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Premium API Services

Are you in need of the best-performing and entirely scalable API setup for your enterprise business?

We offer Premium API services, an enhanced offering that supplements our regular API capabilities with custom data access, higher throttling limits, and dedicated team support and infrastructure. Premium APIs have been designed to seamlessly meet the additional requirements of Fortune 1000 companies, large organizations and agencies, and the fastest-growing startups.

Get access to our complete set of Premium APIs to enjoy high-speed and tailored access to WHOIS, IP, and DNS data with enterprise-grade SLAs and reliability.

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11.5+ billionWHOIS records
714+ millionDomains tracked
2,864+TLDs & ccTLDs
1.2+ billionDomains and subdomains

Are Premium API Services Right for Your Business?

Premium API Services is the highest performing API package in our portfolio. It outperforms our regular API setups in terms of speed, data accessibility, infrastructure, and support and is probably the best choice for your business if you are looking for:

Enterprise SLAs

Enjoy an enterprise-level experience with set SLAs to meet your needs for stability and scalability in addition to other business requirements.

Custom Infrastructure

Benefit from a customized API infrastructure with custom throttling limits for improved functionality.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team is available to prioritize your technical queries within 12 business hours using a dedicated email address.

Get Started with Our Premium API Plans

Below are a few examples of the most commonly selected Premium API plans. Contact us to build your own customized plan.

Product 250,000 API Queries
10,000 backup queries
500,000 API Queries
15,000 backup queries
750,000 API Queries
25,000 backup queries
1,000,000 API Queries
50,000 backup queries
Build Your
Custom Plan
WHOIS API $1,868.00/month $2,800.00/month $3,000.00/month $3,600.00/month Contact sales
Domains & Subdomains Discovery API $8,396.00/month $12,597.00/month $15,297.00/month $16,498.00/month Contact sales
Domain Availability API $1,596.00/month $2,797.00/month $2,985.00/month $3,570.00/month Contact sales
Brand Alert API $8,396.00/month $12,597.00/month $15,297.00/month $16,498.00/month Contact sales
Bulk WHOIS API $1,868.00/month $2,800.00/month $3,000.00/month $3,600.00/month Contact sales
DNS Lookup API $928.00/month $1,397.00/month $1,497.00/month $1,797.00/month Contact sales
Domain Reputation API $7,916.00/month $10,675.00/month $12,363.00/month $15,579.00/month Contact sales
Email Verification API $792.00/month $1,148.00/month $1,329.00/month $1,674.00/month Contact sales
IP Geolocation API Plans start at 500,000 queries per month $221.00/month $243.00/month $297.00/month Contact sales
IP Netblocks API Plans start at 500,000 queries per month $627.00/month $642.00/month $747.00/month Contact sales
Registrant Alert API $8,396.00/month $12,597.00/month $15,297.00/month $16,498.00/month Contact sales
Reverse IP/DNS API $2,104.00/month $2,657.00/month $2,937.00/month $3,597.00/month Contact sales
Reverse MX API $2,104.00/month $2,657.00/month $2,937.00/month $3,597.00/month Contact sales
Reverse NS API $2,104.00/month $2,657.00/month $2,937.00/month $3,597.00/month Contact sales
Reverse WHOIS API $2,104.00/month $2,657.00/month $2,937.00/month $3,597.00/month Contact sales
WHOIS History API $32,396.00/month $54,597.00/month $69,297.00/month $76,498.00/month Contact sales
Screenshot API $2,104.00/month $2,657.00/month $2,937.00/month $3,597.00/month Contact sales
Subdomains Lookup API $32,396.00/month $54,597.00/month $69,297.00/month $76,498.00/month Contact sales
Website Categorization API Plans start at 500,000 queries per month $557.00/month $687.00/month $748.00/month Contact sales
Website Contacts API Plans start at 500,000 queries per month $592.00/month $672.00/month $798.00/month Contact sales

Practical Uses

  • Build high-performing and reliable security, marketing, and other commercial platforms with dedicated support for faster integration.
  • Augment your data gathering and analysis processes at the enterprise level to detect fraud, protect your brand, and more.
  • Speed up your investigations with premium access to our complete and near-real-time intelligence.

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