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Our 50,000+ existing users, mainly from enterprises and government agencies, expect more from us than just data to investigate cybercrime, monitor threats, and mitigate brand abuse. Over the past decade, we have worked closely with the industry leaders to create products and services giving an in-depth perspective on target hosts and attackers’ infrastructure with our unparalleled databases – Whois, DNS, IP, OSINT – in addition to other types of Threat Intelligence solutions. Armed with such intelligence, your teams can develop an enhanced security strategy and make quicker and better-informed decisions. What’s more, we offer a large variety of plans to meet your data-focused needs with flexibility and transparent pricing.

With Whois API Inc, MSSPs & MDRs get access to all the intelligence they need to facilitate successful threat detection & incident response including SIEM, Intrusion Detection, Vulnerability Scanning, Behavioral Analytics and Endpoint Analytics. With our best-in-class custom solutions, flexible deployment options coupled with a highly scalable architecture, you can identify, access & respond to threats for your customers in a timely, relevant & actionable manner.

MSSPs & MDRs are partnering with Whois API Inc to:

  • Gain real-time analysis of threats.
  • Drive targeted investigations with an Intel-led approach.
  • Ensure network security.
  • Establish possible identity of malicious entities by incorporating proactive hunting & in-depth investigative capabilities.
  • Track the latest attack vectors.
  • Detect phishing attacks.
  • Safeguard brands & trademarks from being misused or discredited.
  • Provide more value-added service.


Enterprise API Package

Enterprise API Packages

Gives you full-time access to the largest repository of domain research, Whois, DNS, and threat intelligence data available anywhere.

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Enterprise Data Feeds Packages

Enterprise Data Feeds Packages

Provides you with bulk and unrestricted access to all the domain research, Whois, DNS, and threat intelligence data your staff needs.

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Enterprise Tools Packages

Enterprise Tools Packages

Provides you with an easy-to-use Web App where data is presented in a visual format making it easier to read & understand. You can research & monitor domains or even get a domain’s Threat Intelligence Analysis with just a click and no other back-end systems are required to access this data.

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Threat Intelligence Platform

Threat Intelligence Platform

Aggregates and correlates multiple sources of data in a single view – including powerful and contextualized intelligence that drives better efficiency and security.

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Threat Intelligence API integration

Threat Intelligence API integration

Integrate into your systems and get an in-depth perspective on target hosts and the infrastructure behind them for critical threat detection.

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Domain Database Download

Domain Database Download

Provides you with all domains' current / historical Whois records in bulk download.

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Besides these solutions, you can pick from our large selection of products and services to customize your plan and meet the requirements of your security operations.

Our affiliates are supported by our expert technical team that provides all the backend help you need 24/7.

7.0+ billion WHOIS records
582+ million Domain names tracked
2,864+ TLDs & ccTLDs
99.5% IP addresses in use covered
1 million+ NX records tracked
50+ Types of DNS Records
45 million+ MX records tracked

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