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Join WhoisXML API’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Partnership/Integration Program

WhoisXML API works with a variety of partners and affiliates to make cyber threat intelligence more relevant and widely available in the fight against cybercrime. Our sources of domain, IP, and DNS data contribute to the cybersecurity ecosystem in numerous ways. We are always looking for new and creative opportunities to make the Internet safer through collaborations with top industry players.

Join WhoisXML API’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Partnership/Integration Program

Affiliate Marketing

WhoisXML API’s affiliate marketing program offers partners access to industry-leading GUI tools and APIs for advertising on their platforms, social networks and other marketing channels. Our program is straightforward and follows a revenue-sharing model designed for collaborative growth.

  • Tried and tested

    Our products are established and trusted by over 50K users from all over the world across a wide variety of industries.

  • Extensive and updated data

    We continuously invest in the breadth and quality of our data and new product capabilities to keep our offerings relevant to all users.

  • Ongoing support

    Customer satisfaction is paramount to us. Our support team is always available to help users with their questions and product customization queries.

Which Products Are Part of the Affiliate Marketing Program?

Domain Research Suite (DRS GUI Tool)

The Domain Research Suite is an all-in-one GUI tool for domain research and monitoring that enables users to uncover domain and subdomain footprints and keep tabs on domains and registrants of interest for brand protection, cybersecurity, market research, and more.

APIs and Lookup Reports

Provide your users with direct access to our sources of WHOIS / IP / DNS / Subdomain intelligence through easy-to-integrate APIs and lookup tools with shareable reports:

How Does the Affiliate Marketing Program Work?

Here is how we have successfully worked with affiliate marketing partners:

Step 1

Following the application, we generate a signup link and send it to you.

Step 2

You are ready to go ahead and advertise our products to prospective users using your affiliate link.

Step 3

When a user signs up and makes a purchase, the affiliate code is automatically recorded.

Step 4

Once a month, a report is built showing the revenue associated with your affiliate code.

Step 5

Your reward is calculated according to the affiliate marketing terms agreed.

Step 6

The reward is sent to you.

Step 7


Are You Ready to Get Started? Apply to the Affiliate Marketing Program.


What We Can Offer

Years of Data

Since 2010, we have been building some of the most extensive domain, IP, and DNS footprints globally with near 100% coverage and accuracy.

  • 16.7+ billion WHOIS records
  • 774+ million domain names
  • 7,596+ TLDs & ccTLDs tracked
  • 99.5% IP addresses in use
  • 4.4 billion+ NX records
  • 2 billion+ MX records
Years of Data
Enterprise Experience

Enterprise Experience

We have expertise meeting the most demanding requirements of our enterprise clients and top security firms, including SOCs, MSSPs, commercial security platforms, IT departments, and government agencies.

We designed our Enterprise API, Enterprise Data Feed, and Enterprise Tools Packages to be an integral part of business-critical processes at the enterprise level with scalability and 24/7 support.

Custom Intelligence and Consumption Models

The fight against cybercrime can take many directions, and so can our cyber threat intelligence products. We can offer an in-depth perspective on target hosts and attackers’ infrastructure with a variety of forward, reverse, and bulk capabilities and consumption models.

  • Data feeds
  • APIs
  • Domain Research & Monitoring
  • Custom solutions
Custom Intelligence and Consumption Models

Our partners and affiliates are supported by our expert technical team that provides all the backend help you need 24/7.

Premium API Services

Our APIs are available in an enhanced version that offers better performance with a dedicated load balancer and a premium endpoint to enable faster throttling for large-scale API deployments.

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Enterprise API Packages

Check our Enterprise API Packages for a complete overview of the domain and IP intelligence API capabilities we can bring in the fight against cybercrime.

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