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Easily Know All The Domains Sharing The Same Mail Server With MX Record Details

At WhoisXmlApi we know the significance of targeted data for professional use. Whether it's for cybercrime prevention/ detection or researching domains getting specific domain data, be it Registration or DNS data, requires effort & can also be time-consuming. In most cases, not getting real-time & precise data can have many adverse effects, say a malicious entity may cause more damage if not detected in time. Hence we are constantly creating customized data products which can help professionals to get just the data they are looking for, in a single place.

Our latest product Reverse MX API provides professionals with the data of all the domains that use the same Mail Server. All you need to do is query an MX Record, which essentially is a DNS Resource Record that contains the details of the Mail Server responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of a recipient's domain. The search results will contain every existing domain, including gTLD, new TLD & ccTLD, for the queried MX Record Address. With WhoisXmlApi’s Reverse MX API in a single query you can get all the following data:

  • Know all the possible domain names hosted on a Mail Server
  • Know the timestamp of the last update for that domain
  • Know whether it is a domain or sub-domain
  • Know whether its a gTLD, new gTLD or ccTLD
  • Know the total number of result pages derived from the queried Mail Server

With over a billion domains & sub-domains in our database & over 45 million MX records updated daily, you can be assured of getting the most accurate & extensive result lists. Reverse MX API from WhoisXmlApi can come handy to many professionals to uncover relations between domains that may otherwise not appear related. This information can be also be used by investigators to discover and illuminate connections among domains, especially for cybercrimes such as phishing, dissemination of malware, ransomware, etc. It can also help in gathering clues about the structure of an organization from its mailing functions and analyzing trends and weak security spots. The uses of Mail Server details are innumerable and depending on their business needs, professionals can avail the same. To know more about Reverse MX API, please click on the link:

We aim to meet as many of your domain needs as possible. If you are thinking of where you can find out what server(s) accept email for a specific domain i.e. the MX Record, you can get the same with DNS Lookup API from WhoisXmlApi. Besides, we have also introduced 2 more Reverse DNS API products that can help you further in your domain research:

Reverse IP API: Easily know all the websites hosted on a Web Server. To know more click here.

Reverse NS API: Find all the domains pointed to a Name Server. To know more click here.

We are constantly working on providing a one-stop shop for all your domain data requirement. If you are looking for some specific data do contact us at [email protected] for the same. Keep watching this space to know about all the new happenings!

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