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How Bulk Whois API Can Boost Your Business

How Bulk Whois API Can Boost Your Business

It can be said without a doubt that businesses of the 21st century are all geared towards the internet. With rapid advancements in digital technology and the exponential growth of the online ecosystem, it hardly comes as a surprise that businesses have to maintain a considerable presence on the web in order to cater to the needs of the online population. Apart from this, the rapid proliferation of the internet into even the most remote corners of the world has opened up new business avenues and markets that were previously difficult to access, or even altogether unavailable for business. This has naturally incentivized businesses to move online.

However, as with everything, there is a flipside to this as well. According to the latest statistics there are currently well over 1 billion websites on the internet, and this number is growing every second. This creates an environment where much of the business interactions are carried out on digital platforms. As a result, the requirement for trust establishment becomes a vital factor in the scheme of things. When you are dealing with an online entity it helps to know the person behind the (web) page.

Bulk Whois API is our latest endeavour to help you do exactly that, and more.

Salient Features of Bulk Whois API

Bulk Whois API helps your business by allowing you to gather Whois information for a vast number of online properties that can be used to power, and provide direction to, your business. Along with our product Bulk Whois Search, Bulk Whois API offers the following capabilities:

  • Bulk Whois search provides records for domain names and IPs of your choosing, thus allowing you to make better business decisions when it comes to navigating the web.
  • Accessing up to 500,000 domain records per query means you don’t have to search for each individual domain separately.
  • Gathers key data points such as registrant name and organization, email and contact information, domain availability and expiration date and much, much more.
  • Query results are well-parsed & normalized and returned in easy to integrate XML and JSON formats.
  • Allows direct API integration for automated data access by your business processes, thus eliminating the need for manual fetching and using of data.

How This Boosts Your Business?

By providing your business with such a large range of information, Bulk Whois API can help your business in some of the following ways:

  • Expanding Your Business Network- The use of bulk Whois data can allow you to gather information about other players in your business niche, or even across verticals so that you can easily approach them for strategic partnerships. This helps to grow your network of contacts which is one of the prime factors that decide the success of a business.
  • Protecting Against Cybercrime- Bulk Whois API helps to secure your organization against potential cyber threats and frauds. In the vast complexity of the online world, protecting against cybercriminals is one of the top concerns of all business owners. Fraudulent websites often aim to deceive business owners by posing as legitimate partners or clients. Falling prey to such scammers can often result in massive losses. Bulk Whois API provides cyber-security specialists access to useful intelligence against such unscrupulous players and prevent frauds before they happen. Bulk Whois data is also useful for tracking down the perpetrators in case of a cyber-attack.
  • Enforcing Brand Uniqueness- With such a massive number of websites out there, it is very important for every brand to associate itself with a domain name that is uniquely reflective of its ethos. However, closely similar domain names can seriously undermine the value of a business by misleading both existing and potential customers. Bulk Whois data helps in this regard by identifying the entity with a domain similar to yours. This enables you to contact the person or persons concerned and reach a resolution. In the event of copyright violations, Whois data can help to pinpoint the offenders and initiate required legal action.
  • Boosting Marketing Efforts- Bulk Whois data can prove to be a focal point in your marketing efforts. Whois data can provide valuable insights that can steer your digital or offline marketing efforts in the right direction.
  • Enabling Secure Financial Transactions- Bulk Whois API data helps to secure online payment systems against frauds and in the case of any impropriety, to detect and redress the situation with fluidity.


These are only a fraction of the ways in which Bulk Whois API can give a boost to your business. In a world of increasing complexity requiring constant vigilance, authentic Whois data can help your business achieve that extra edge. To access Bulk Whois API please click on the link:

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