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How Domainers and Registrars Can Leverage WHOIS Databases

How Domainers and Registrars Can Leverage WHOIS Databases

Keeping track of a vast range of domain information, especially with the Internet’s rapid growth, is quite challenging for domainers and registrars. However, WHOIS data can help tackle multiple issues that these specialists face on a daily basis. Moreover, access to domain details can provide a lot of insights that were previously unavailable or hard to obtain. Let’s take a look.

How Domainers Can Leverage WHOIS

More than 7 million domains are now registered annually. Domainers are having a hard time predicting market trends and securing virtual space before anyone else. Apart from that, there are other things to keep in mind, such as making sure that the domains they bought have not been used illegally before.

By gaining information via WHOIS databases, domainers can perform the necessary background checks on the websites they’re interested in. It lets them stay updated on the recently registered domains and those that are about to expire. Furthermore, they can look into the entire history of domain transactions which include such information as registration dates, previous ownership data and more.

How Registrars Can Leverage WHOIS

There are thousands of domain registration firms operating today and the competition among the registrars is stiff. Providing unique services, while also keeping the cost low, requires such companies to have insights on where the industry is heading.

Registrars can set up reliable WHOIS APIs to keep track of what is happening to domains. For instance, WHOIS data can reveal the entire history of a domain’s transactions, which can be difficult to obtain elsewhere. Specialists can also inspect available domains and identify malicious websites.

Both the domainers and registrars can benefit by gaining access to trusted WHOIS databases. If you’re interested in learning more, check out our whitepaper WHOIS Databases: Business, Cybersecurity, and Many More Applications Explored.

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