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Introducing Command-line Real-time & Historic WHOIS Tool

Introducing Command-line Real-time & Historic WHOIS Tool

We are really excited to announce that we are now offering our hallmark Whois via a command-line utility, “bestwhois”. This tool can be a great alternative to the standard “whois” command for domain and IP WHOIS queries, as there are no search restrictions and the queries are made through the API service provided by Whois XML API.

Most suitable for UNIX power users and other command-line enthusiasts, bestwhois, is a cross-platform utility that works on Microsoft, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X or any other platform with Python. It is command-line front-end to Whois XML API; WHOIS API and WHOIS History API. All the queries initiated from your end are processed through these APIs, and the output is similar to that of the original “whois” command.

The data which were available for developers via the APIs are now readily at the hands of system administrators, threat investigators, analysts, marketing experts, and all other power users who potentially prefer using command-line tools or are used to the original “whois” command. They can now uncover domain profile data worldwide for over 5 billion historic Whois records, 300 million domain names and over 2850 gTLDs (including .com, .org, .net, .biz and more) and ccTLDs  (including .uk, .us, .ru and more). Access key data points for domains including who registered it along with their contact information, the registrar, expiry dates, last update date, who to contact about the domain name & much more.

Key features of Whois Xml Api’s bestwhois

  • Easily conduct WHOIS search for domain names or IP addresses
  • Access Real-time & Historic WHOIS records
  • No query limitations
  • Consistently structured, yet human-readable output
  • Similar to the original “whois” command
  • Runs on virtually any platform

With the growing demand for crucial domain information found in the WHOIS records, we have created bestwhois command-line utility to ease your access to this data. As one of the most reputed domain WHOIS database provider (and also one of the largest), we believe this can be a handy tool to help enable you to find the owner of a domain name or IP address and to bolster your efforts, furthermore.

In order to get all the above-discussed benefits, you just need to subscribe to the Whois API at

You can get the bestwhois utility now from GitHub:

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