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Personalizing The Generic

Personalizing The Generic: Choosing and Customizing Your gTLD For Success

Generic is increasingly becoming the last adjective companies and organizations would apply to the expanding TLD landscape. As more and more TLD applications receive ICANN approval and make their way down the pipeline, groups whose products and aims might overlap with several different TLD monikers must give serious thought to which categories they will choose to align themselves and their brand. In today’s highly fragile marketplace, how a business decides to specify its TLD could very well be the difference between success and flounder.

Say, for example, that you run an educational bookstore in San Francisco. Yours is a company, of course, but it is also one that specializes in sustainable goods, teaching tools, and locally crafted products. Well, which of these attributes do you want to reach potential customers first, many of whom will be finding your store through keyword search on a mobile device? Should you stick with a standard .com domain name, even though .green or .sf are equally viable and perhaps of more concern to consumers? There is still the option of utilizing multiple paths by creating more than one TLD for your company, should the domains be available. But done incorrectly, this tactic may run perilously close to cybersquatting mentality and might also unfavorably appear as hedging ones’ bets. Not to mention, it willfully divided your website traffic.

What will ultimately play into a smart gTLD plan is not simply an up and down taking stock of goods and services. TLD decisions (and oh how they are coming) should be tied to the same clearly defined objectives, audience and knowledge of the competition that reign supreme on the ground floor – that spirited arena of perhaps little more than a blueprint, ideas and a strategy. Too often, businesses assume they can relinquish their initially well-rounded, contextualized approach when it comes time to develop and present online content, which should essentially be unified and given shape by the TLD. There is no reason to let the charm of the physical product, the staff, the mission, get lost in translation.

Luckily, we need not go it alone into unknown waters. Considering how costly missteps are in domain application and implementation, it makes great sense to utilize all tools at your disposal when moving forward with a gTLD. Services such as Our Newly Registered Domains provide the opportunity to build upon accurate and relevant domain data when contemplating TLDs. Reverse Whois, meanwhile, is perfectly suited to business owners looking to expand their network and find potential partnerships. At the end of the day, your gTLD will be the luminous frame into which you put your painting - which may even be a masterpiece, so make sure to place it in the right light.

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