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The Most Comprehensive Threat Intelligence API that You’ll Ever Need

The Most Comprehensive Threat Intelligence API that You’ll Ever Need

If your website has ever been compromised by malware infections, phishing attempts, external attacks from infected hosts or in some other way, you already know why it is important to have a strong threat intelligence platform and how important it is.

We’ve made sure to get rid of the guess work and have accumulated over a decade’s worth of data to give you the most comprehensive and secure threat intelligence API that you’ll ever need.

We are using both our own internal data, which we’ve been meticulously gathering for over ten years, and the data we receive from a wide range of providers. Our threat intelligence API meticulously analyzes hosts and their infrastructure and provides APIs with all the information and details they could possibly need regarding the target host.

For this, we provide several APIs, including:

  • Domain’s Infrastructure Analysis API, which enables you to inspect a specific domain name to find out its web and email address, its name servers and registered domains. Each infrastructure entry will reveal not only the IP address the domain is using, but also the information about its subnetwork and its physical location.
  • SSL Configuration Analysis API. There are a number of possible SSL configuration issues that can leave your domain and network vulnerable to an attack. SSL Configuration Analysis API allows you to examine a suspicious domain’s name and create an SSL connection to its host to evaluate its configuration and detect any configuration problems.
  • Connected Domains API. Sometimes the domain or website itself is not infected, whereas its subdomain is. This could lead to over blocking, when blocking the infected website affects the other sites with the same IP address, which is why you need to check if the website shares an IP with any malicious domains or subdomains.
  • SSL Certificates Chain API. Thanks to this you can get comprehensive data on the domain name and its SSL Certificate, which you’ll receive in the widely supported and easy-to-use JSON format.
  • Domain Malware Check API. Malware is one of the biggest cybersecurity threats today and deserves its own API dedicated solely to checking whether the target domain is infected. This particular threat intelligence API checks the domain name if and when the data security sources mark it is dangerous.
  • Domain Reputation Scoring API. We use 120 parameters to calculate the reputation score of a particular domain, based on information from a variety of data security sources.

Does WHOIS API Threat Intelligence API Live up to Expectations?

As we all know by now (and some have learned it the hard way, as you can see from this statistical data provided by Statista), threat intelligence is not something to be taken lightly. If you want your website to be protected from malicious hosts, malware and other cyber threats, you’ll need a threat intelligence API that can back up its promise and WHOIS API that has just what you need.

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