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Want to Find & Contact Websites Based On Specific Categories & Location?

Want to Find & Contact Websites Based On Specific Categories & Location?

Sometime back we introduced 2 product solutions to help provide clearly defined website Intel in the form of Website Categorization API & Website Contacts API. Both the APIs combine the application of machine learning with the versatility of rules defined by experts and deploy artificial intelligence to obtain precise results. This enables our users to conduct their research from a single source instead of manually examining multiple sources.

Our premier Web Categorization solution conducts multiple layers of filtering & analysis of the content found on the website as well as its code to ensure every website is categorized accurately.

Once you have identified your target websites, in order to connect with them, we created Website Contacts API, where our users could find the various contact points of all the websites including phone number, email address, associated companies, address, and the various social media links. Essentially, a user can get various touch points to contact or verify the owners of the queried website.

Since both these solutions complement each other, we have now combined the power of these 2 products & created Website Contacts & Categorization Database. You can now get a holistic solution & instantly access the required website information by getting downloadable custom data lists.

Our users can filter the websites based on 2 key criteria:

•    Website Location: Find website information for a particular country, multiple countries or all the countries, for location-specific & precise targeting. Our database covers websites registered globally and includes gTLDs, new gTLDs, and ccTLDs.

•    Website Category: At present, we categorize websites into 25 categories and for each website result we provide up to 3 categories that it can belong to. You can request data for one or even several categories, depending on your requirements.

Besides filtering the database based on the above 2 categories, users have the choice to get ‘Domain Names Only Database’, which provides the entire website list based on the category & location selected. Besides this, you can also opt for ‘Domain Names and Contact Information’ which will also provide contact details for all filtered websites. To know the specifics of the information, you can get in the database, check: https://website-contacts-database.whoisxmlapi.com/specifications


Some of the practical applications of this custom website information can be:

1) Generate leads by finding websites that you can target

2) Minimize risks & prevent fraud by identifying malicious websites

3) Restrict employee access to certain websites based on content

4) Investigate websites

Currently, we have over 150 million websites in our database and approximately 4 million websites are added each day. So now leave out the hassle and expense of web scraping or conducting manual research from multiple sources to identify who & what’s really behind a website! Get accurate & reliable website information from your one-stop domain Intel solution provider, Whois XML API.

To get started with Website Contacts & Categorization Database, please click on the link: https://website-contacts-database.whoisxmlapi.com/

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