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Data Contribution and Exchange Program

WhoisXML API continuously collaborates with leading data aggregators and partners to make the Internet safer and more transparent. Our partnerships with entities in the security, domain, and telecommunications sectors ensure that critical Internet intelligence is highly accurate, easily shareable, and seamlessly accessible.

We work with global registries, registrars, Internet service providers (ISPs), and telecommunications companies to access and exchange various datasets covering domain ownership, DNS connections, and IP assignments.

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32 Billion+Domains and subdomains
20.0 Billion+WHOIS records
116 Billion+DNS records
14+Years of data crawling
13.5 Million+IP netblocks in total

Program Participants

  • Security Companies and Researchers

    WhoisXML API provides security researchers and companies with extensive Internet intelligence that enables them to expand the scope and accuracy of their investigations and better monitor and respond to significant Internet security events.

  • Registrars, Registries, and Domain Industry Players

    We work with cybersecurity companies and large brands to aggregate lists of suspicious domain names and relay those to the relevant registrar abuse contacts. Registrars and registries also submit domain lists to us and participating threat intelligence and cybersecurity companies for analysis.

  • ISPs and Telcos

    ISPs and telecommunications companies regularly provide us with the latest raw IP data. We use this information to keep our IP databases current and help ensure the seamless operation of Internet services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What data sources are you looking to exchange?

We are actively looking to provide data from our DNS, subdomain, WHOIS, and geolocation repositories in exchange for data contributions from our partners.

How do you evaluate potential partnerships?

Key criteria include the volume, freshness, and uniqueness of the partner data and its relevance in cybersecurity, especially in monitoring and investigating today’s most prominent attacks and APT groups, and other critical Internet processes.

Which Internet events do you monitor?

  • New domain activity, including domain registrations, expirations, WHOIS record updates, etc.
  • Changes in IP address location and IP netblock allocation
  • Changes in subdomain and DNS entries, including A, AAAA, MX, NS, TXT, CNAME, SOA, and PTR records
  • Bulk-registered typosquatting domains
  • Domains containing phishing and DGA strings
  • Disposable email domains
  • Malicious URLs, domains, IP addresses, and other IoCs involved in cyber attacks
  • Related domain data points, including website categories, SSL certificates, and MAC addresses

Is there a trial period for new partners?

Yes, new partners and WhoisXML API typically enter into an initial evaluation period that can last up to several weeks, during which both sides can assess the benefits derived from the data exchange.

Partner Success Stories

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