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WhoisXML API’s Data Exchange Program for Internet Abuse Prevention

Internet abuse, particularly cybercrime, continues to grow in every corner of the domain name registration system. As cybercriminals increasingly weaponize domains, regardless of top-level domain (TLD), WhoisXML API launched the Data Exchange Program for Internet Abuse Prevention.

The program smooths out and expedites the collection and dissemination of critical domain, DNS, and IP intelligence between TLD registries, registrars, and other key Internet community members to reduce and prevent Internet abuse.

The Data Exchange Program for Internet Abuse Prevention is open to all ccTLD, gTLD, and new TLD registries and registrars worldwide.

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4.2 Billion+Domains and subdomains
16.7 Billion+WHOIS records
Multi-billionDNS records
12+Years of data crawling

Why join the Data Exchange Program for Internet Abuse Prevention?

  • Collaborate with key players in the Internet community

    Stay alert to the most prominent Internet abuse trends as identified through the collaborative efforts between ccTLD, gTLD, and new gTLD registries and registrars worldwide.

  • Access thorough and updated cyber intelligence

    We have billions of historical WHOIS and DNS lookup records spanning the vast majority of TLDs and active IP addresses. Our collective intelligence results from more than a decade of data crawling and gathering, and it continues to grow daily with every data update and partnership.

  • Get actionable insight to take down abusive domain registrants

    Identify regular offenders who repeatedly figure in Internet abuse instances, along with the available domains, IP addresses, and other cyber resources associated with them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does WhoisXML API bring to the table?

We understand that key members of the Internet community are scattered across the world, and obtaining unified data is hard work. WhoisXML API and our partners’ comprehensive data sources can help you:

  • Determine trends in suspicious domain registrations
  • Detect and block malicious domains and IP addresses
  • Find malicious Internet properties related to specific threats and actors
  • Map out the digital footprints of malicious entities

What can you offer in exchange for partner data?

We provide some of the most comprehensive and complete DNS, IP, and WHOIS data sources that include:

  • 16.7B+ historical WHOIS records
  • 7,596+ TLDs and ccTLDs
  • 2B+ hostnames
  • Billions of DNS lookups
  • 32M+ netblocks for 215K+ ISPs

Which data sources are covered as part of the Internet Abuse Prevention program?

We are looking for WHOIS, subdomain, DNS, and other cyber-related data sources to supplement our WHOIS, historical WHOIS, DNS, subdomain, IP geolocation, and netblocks databases.

Can my organization join the program on a trial basis?

Yes. We have an evaluation or trial period that lasts up to several weeks at the beginning of the partnership. This period allows WhoisXML API and new partners to assess the data exchange program and how it benefits both parties.

How do we get started with the Data Exchange Program for Internet Abuse Prevention?

Contact us by filling out the form below to learn more about the program.

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