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Product and Feature Updates for Q3-Q4 2022

In line with WhoisXML API’s commitment to improving its services, we made the following changes and product feature upgrades in Q3 2022:

  • DNS database now includes PTR records. A new important update was made to our DNS Database by adding pointer (PTR) records. PTR records are reverse DNS records that map domain names to IP addresses. They are, by definition, the opposite of A or AAAA records that provide the IP addresses associated domains point to. With this additional information, new use cases are enabled for users. For instance, they can now utilize our DNS Database to intensify mail server validation, among other processes.

In addition to this and the overall DNS database coverage increase announced in Q2, we now also extract domains and subdomains from A, AAAA, MX, NS, CNAME, TXT, and SOA records—and pass them back to DNS resolving. 

These APIs were made more inclusive with the release of GoLang libraries. Aside from Python, developers can now easily use the APIs with tools developed using Go. The APIs can also be integrated into Splunk.

  • Pagination has been added to our IP Netblocks API. Users of our IP Netblocks API can now retrieve more than the first 100 records with the release of the pagination feature. With this feature, users can gain greater visibility into IP netblock data with detailed IP range ownership details.
  • Raw fields in our Domain Registration Streaming feed can now be omitted. The omitRaw flag has been added to our Domain Registration Streaming feed as an optional parameter. When set to “1,” raw text fields will not be included in the output. This modification makes data transmission simpler and faster, requiring less storage and computing power.
  • Introduction of NRD 2.0 Database Ultimate Simple. Users of NRD 2.0 with an Ultimate subscription now have the option to download the Ultimate_Simple version, which is intended to be easier to work with. This version doesn’t have raw text fields, so it’s lighter and doesn’t take up as much disk space, as file sizes have decreased by 83% for CSV files and 35.5% for JSON files.
  • Users can now scroll through the whole web page of Screenshot API results. A new input parameter (scrollPosition) has been added to our Screenshot API, making it possible for users to scroll to the top or bottom of a web page and take a screenshot from their preferred position or view. 
  • Regulatory Compliance IP Data Feeds: We added a new type of file to our IP Netblocks and IP Geolocation Databases. This file contains the IP information of countries sanctioned by government agencies, such as the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Stay tuned for more product and feature improvements in the coming quarters.

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