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If you purchase, sell, negotiate prices on, or assess domains, you will require precise and relevant information. We have developed an exhaustive package for data solution specifically designed for you. It greatly reduces the time and effort you put into back-end work.

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5 billion+
WHOIS records
300 million+
Domain names tracked
TLDs & ccTLDs
99.5 %
IP addresses in use covered

Customizable solution components

Newly Registered and Recently Expired Domains Data Feeds

On a daily basis, download lists of newly registered/recently expired domains and updates on what’s happening in the world of domains. You can always customize the plan to what you need and get all the relevant data.


Get registration specifics (WHOIS Record) of a domain name or an IP address. The key data points for domains including Registrant name, e-mail address, registration address, registrar information, expiry date, created date, and more could be accessed with WHOIS API. Now don’t ever run out of WHOIS data with some 2,000,000 WHOIS API queries monthly. You can surely customize this to what you need.

Domain Availability API

Domain Availability API is the most precise domain availability checker and checks whether a domain is available to be registered. Get some 2,000,000 Domain Availability API queries monthly or customize this to what you need.

Domain Research Suite

Boost your Domain research with our web based Domain Research Suite helps you Search as well as Monitor Domains!

You can select all of the mentioned components or pick those you specifically need. For pricing and details contact us.

Practical usage

  • Perform basic checks of domain name availability.
  • Investigate domain name registrations to recognize domain owner specifics.
  • Domain investors can use the information gained from WHOIS searches to learn about their competition and recognize various investment opportunities.
  • Stay update to date and fully informed on your entire domain investment portfolio.
  • Use specifics to perform valuation and due diligence practices when planning and executing domain transactions on both the sell- and purchase-side.
  • Use specifics for due diligence in domain disputes and UDRPs. [1]
  • Detect when a domain was created and when it is set to expire.
  • Promptly receive timely information when domain auctions begin.
  • Analyze prior prices and history of purchase and sell transactions by domain owners.
  • Promptly receive timely information on the newest domain fire sales and creative offers.

Customer success stories

Easily Managing Hundreds of Domain Names from Salesforce

IEEE was searching for a solution to automate its manual process of ensuring hundreds of independently-owned IEEE domain names were being updated with their latest information in the WHOIS Domain Name Registry. More specifically, there was a critical need of identifying upcoming domain name expirations early in order to alert their owners of potential losses...

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