Investment Fund and Banking Solutions

Investment funds can discover and monitor web asset acquisitions and transfers among and within corporations. Banks and payment processors can monitor and investigate Fraudulent online transactions. In the field of economic research there is a vast amount of scientific publications in that WHOIS data have been used for studying the structure of dynamics of the companies.

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WHOIS records
300 million+
Domain names tracked
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Customizable solution components

WHOIS Database Download

Yearly subscription plan comprises 4 quarterly downloads as well as day-by-day updates of our comprehensive WHOIS database. Our comprehensive WHOIS database includes more than 3,000,000,000 domains that cover thousands of TLDs, increasing by hundreds of thousands WHOIS and domain records every day.

2,000,000 WHOIS API queries per month

You won’t ever be short of relevant WHOIS data again. A regular package is aimed at around 2,000,000 WHOIS API monthly queries, and can be tailored to any number of monthly queries according to your needs.

Historic WHOIS Record Dump

A single dump of more than 5 billion historic WHOIS records. It contains practically every gTLD apart from selected ccTLDs.


We offer Reverse WHOIS API! Identify all the domains related to an organization or an individual and find how various domains, organizations and individuals are connected. It’s a superb tool if you aim to investigate or cross-check on particular search terms available in the WHOIS Records.

Brand Alert API

Monitor both recently registered and deleted domains containing your trademarked word or product phrase and get timely alert messages.

Registrant Alert API

Monitor newly registered, renewed and deleted domains by specific people, i.e. the registrant, and get timely alerts. It is an excellent tool to keep a check on your competitors and their activities!

Domain Research Suite

Boost your Domain research with our web based Domain Research Suite helps you Search as well as Monitor Domains!

You can select all of the mentioned components or pick those you specifically need. For pricing and details contact us.

Practical usage

  • Use WHOIS data to verify merger and spinoff activities when in M&A or divestiture processes.
  • Enable identification of domain registrants to support trademark/patent identification when considering new filings.
  • Recognize customer of proxy service linked to domain name when investing and preparing for theft or fraud investigations.
  • Investment funds can use domain registration data to recognize investment opportunities and macro-economic trends.
  • As competing companies are doing SEO and manage their web pages accordingly, WHOIS data hold information on the structure of dynamics of companies. With a WHOIS database of a given scope at hand, one can develop techniques to extract these data with various techniques of data mining.
  • NESTA, a UK-based global innovation foundation, recently reported a research on a new kind of measurement of entrepreneurship according to domain registration in a working paper. [1]
[1] Quantifying entrepreneurship using domain name registration data: Methods and applications for Oxford and Cambridge, UK. Abhishek, Nagaraj and Sibo, Wang. United Kingdom : NESTA, 2017, NESTA Working Paper, Vol. 16/02

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