Ensuring high-quality email data

Succeeding in their mission to help each client attain success requires Herold to address pressing daily issues, such as bounce rates, email deliverability, and sender reputation. Companies accumulate a large number of customer email addresses over time, some of which may already be inactive or invalid. Large volumes of outdated email addresses can hinder transactional and online marketing efforts, with customers unable to receive invoices, company product communications, and other online content.

Email validation is required to ensure email list quality and must be automated to avoid operational bottlenecks stemming from time-consuming manual validation.


Reliable and fast Email Verification API that supports batch validation

Herold chose Email Verification API to support their daily data quality processes. The API allows them to clean client data quickly since it can validate tens of thousands of email addresses in one go. 

Email Verification API’s fast and reliable service enabled Herold to automate decisions, particularly in filtering invalid email addresses. Automatically and efficiently validating data ensures continuous quality improvement, allowing their team to focus on other crucial activities that contribute to any company’s online success.


Better data quality and automated email filtering

Reduced and stabilized bounce rate

Herold successfully managed to reduce their bounce rate to below 5% by using Email Verification API to implement automated processes, including invalid email address filtering.

Faster response to email delivery problems

Email Verification API enabled Herold to tackle email delivery issues faster, specifically cutting down the time it took to address problems by 70%. As a result, customers are less likely to miss invoices, opportunities to upgrade, and other important communications.

Improved data quality for automation

Efficient data validation is vital to improving email marketing data quality, ensuring that target recipients receive company messages. Herold uses Email Verification API daily to continuously improve their email list quality.