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The National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF) & WhoisXML API - OSINT Tech That Saves Lives

The National Child Protection Task Force (NCPTF) is a volunteer organization that aims to provide a safer world for children. To achieve its goal, the NCPTF helps law enforcement agencies solve cases related to child exploitation and human trafficking, along with finding missing people, by giving all those in need access to vital investigative expertise, tools, and resources.

As part of its activities, the NCPTF works closely with multiple partners, including police officers, search and rescue experts, intelligence analysts, open-source intelligence (OSINT) specialists, programmers, cybersecurity experts, and many others. With the know-how and technology provided by volunteers and partners, the NCPTF has developed up-to-date crime-solving techniques that can crack time-sensitive cases within minutes. The organization’s strategies have been successfully used by law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and lawyers, and those experts are also willing to share their knowledge.

The NCPTF has welcomed volunteers from around the world with a passion for fighting against child exploitation and human trafficking, particularly those who have OSINT, prosecution, law enforcement, coding, and cybersecurity skills.

WhoisXML API resonates strongly with the cause as it couldn’t connect more with our mission of promoting a more secure and transparent Internet. So if you are in a position to volunteer with funds, services, or skills, go ahead and fill out this form or visit this page today for more details about making donations:

Donate to the NCPTF

In the words of WhoisXML API CEO Jonathan Zhang:

“We can’t think of a better initiative to champion than the NCPTF and its drive toward creating a safe environment and future for children. We’re confident that our technology will greatly assist the task force and its partners solve more cases. We encourage everyone to support the initiative in any way they can, whether through monetary donations or by volunteering their time, skills, and knowledge.”

OSINT for Good

WhoisXML API recently started sponsoring the NCPTF by enriching the subsets of stripped data that are part of active international missing children investigations in collaboration with several other OSINT and technology partners:


WhoisXML API Senior Director of Business Development Alexander Ronquillo added:

“The importance of OSINT to unlock investigations cannot be overstated. Sharing and combining OSINT provides investigators and law enforcers with access to otherwise unavailable or expensive information critical to solving time-sensitive crimes. By exchanging and correlating intelligence, we can develop technology and techniques that can help put a stop to organized crimes. OSINT initiatives have proven that technology becomes more powerful and effective when the intelligence fueling it is unbiased.”

WhoisXML API will keep sponsoring the NCPTF as it continues to create a safer world for children through technology and the spirit of volunteerism. Along with other OSINT technology partners, our domain and IP intelligence sources can power the organization’s crime-solving techniques, helping bring more missing children home and catching human traffickers before they target another victim.

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