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Behind the Genesis Market Infrastructure: An In-Depth DNS Analysis

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other law enforcement agencies shut down Genesis Market, a darknet market for cybercriminal attack tools, in April 2023.1 Apart from seizing the operators’ infrastructure, more than a hundred people were nabbed for taking part in the malicious operation. Does that spell the end for the black market?

The WhoisXML API research team sought to find out using 12 email addresses Dancho Danchev collated as indicators of compromise (IoCs). To determine if any Genesis Market web properties remain online, we performed an IoC list expansion analysis that led to the discovery of:

  • 28 email-connected domains
  • Five IP addresses
  • Two IP-connected domains
  • 2,417 string-connected domains, three of which turned out to be malicious based on a bulk malware check

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