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Digging Up Zombie Domains: What WHOIS History Reveals about 3,800+ Verified Phishing Hosts

As phishing remains an imminent attack vector leading to costly and damaging campaigns, WhoisXML API researchers dug up the WHOIS history of 3,800+ domain names and subdomains associated with verified phishing URLs. We present our key findings and analyses in a white paper and associated threat research materials covering:

  • A deep dive into the phishing hosts’ historical WHOIS records to see how deep the domains’ history is and spot significant changes in WHOIS records
  • An analysis determining the hundreds of phishing domains that are now available again for registration despite their malicious past
  • Tracing the breadcrumbs uncovered by WHOIS history, including 1,400+ unique registrant email addresses, which led to almost 5,000 additional connected domains

Download the white paper and research materials containing the data now.

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