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Facebook Is Now Meta, Will Threat Actors Ride the Wave?

Company rebranding efforts are always a big deal, as they usually translate to expanding a known brand’s portfolio. That’s why many such events are announced during some of the world’s biggest conferences. The same could be said of Mark Zuckerberg’s introduction of Meta in Connect 2021.1

As is our mission to monitor domain registration trends and current events to see if they would pose threats to Internet users, we collated and made available a detailed threat research spreadsheet containing:

  • NRDs with the string “meta” registered within the same week of Zuckerberg’s announcement, which could be abused to host malicious content
  • Domain volume breakdown by creation date and registrar that can hint at possible organizations to contact if needed for further investigation or takedown purposes
  • Subdomains with the string “facebook + meta,” which could serve as malicious hosts if left insufficiently protected
  • Thousands of NRDs with the string “meta” broken down by creation date that could hint at the future growth or decline in potential attack vector registration

Download the spreadsheet now to access the complete list of identified artifacts used to conduct additional enrichment and threat analysis.


  • [1] https://about.fb.com/news/2021/10/facebook-company-is-now-meta/
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