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Stately Taurus APT Group Targets Asian Countries: What Do the Campaign IoCs Reveal?

Stately Taurus, an APT group active since 2012, was recently seen targeting ASEAN countries, particularly Japan, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Singapore.

Building on lists of 30 IoCs,1, 2 WhoisXML API researchers found more than 130 connected artifacts comprising:

  • 61 email-connected domains
  • Four additional IP addresses
  • An IP-connected domain
  • 67 string-connected domains

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  • [1] https://unit42.paloaltonetworks.com/chinese-apts-target-asean-entities/#post-133176-_wven14kmgum2
  • [2] https://www.trendmicro.com/content/dam/trendmicro/global/en/research/24/b/earth-preta-campaign-uses-doplugs-to-target-asia/ioc-earth-preta-doplugs.txt
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