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Telcos Are on Phishers’ Radar, Who Is at Risk?

The telecommunications sector has been identified by PhishLabs as phishers’ top 3 target in a November 2021 report.1 We looked at the newly registered domains (NRDs) and subdomains containing the strings “broadband,” “mobile,” and “telecom” to determine who among the 10 biggest telcos in the world are at risk of getting phished.

Our in-depth look allowed us to build a detailed threat research spreadsheet containing:

  • Hundreds of NRDs and subdomains related to the telecom industry that were not owned by the top 10 telcos, hinting at potential phishing campaign hosts
  • Findings obtained from WHOIS and DNS data contextualization and domain ownership analysis that show who the top telco targets are
  • A smattering of NRDs and subdomains and IP addresses dubbed “dangerous” by various malware engines

Download the research materials now to access the complete list of identified artifacts used to conduct additional enrichment and threat analysis.


  • [1]
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