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The Business of Cybercrime: Does Malicious Campaign Planning Take as Long as Legitimate Marketing Campaign Planning?

Targeting the potential buyers of the world’s most-awaited gadgets1 is a cybercrime staple. But what you may not know is that much like legitimate businesses, the more convincing the malicious sites are, the greater their chances of success.

We scoured the DNS to gain insights into just how much preparation goes into malicious campaign planning and found that:

  • More than 800 domains containing strings cybercriminals were likely to use in campaigns targeting the most-awaited gadgets’ potential buyers were discovered.
  • We uncovered 100+ subdomains containing strings cybercriminals may employ in campaigns targeting the techies lying in wait for 2022’s most-sought-after tech finds.
  • Eight of the domains and subdomains containing the top 2022 products have been detected as malicious.
  • Threat actors spent 3–29 weeks to prepare for their malicious campaign launches.
  • The iPhone 14-related domain registration peaked in September, coinciding with its slated launch date.

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