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These DeFi Domains Might Be Risky to Investors

In addition to cryptocurrency wallets and non-fungible token (NFT) companies, malicious actors recently targeted decentralized financial (DeFi) platforms. They got away with US$90 million.1 One way some NFT companies may be addressing the threat is by defensive domain registration.2

To determine if DeFi platforms are doing the same, we looked at how 10 DeFi brand names are being used in the Domain Name System (DNS). Our findings include:

  • 1,200+ domains added since 1 April 2022 contained the names of 10 of the most popular DeFi companies, namely, AAVE, Decentraland, Dharma, Dydx, Kyber Network, Lucky Block, SushiSwap, Terra, Uniswap, and Yearn.finance
  • All of the platforms’ official domain names had redacted WHOIS records, making attribution difficult
  • None of the domains shared the same WHOIS characteristics, the same combination of privacy protection services, nameservers, registrars, and registrant countries
  • Dozens of domains have already been flagged for phishing or malware hosting

Download a sample of the threat research materials now or contact us for accessing the complete research materials. 

  • [1] https://finance.yahoo.com/news/spate-exploits-snares-rari-capital-091600216.html 
  • [2] https://domainnamewire.com/2022/04/21/nft-company-dapper-labs-registers-hundreds-of-domain-names/
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