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Web Search Results Reveal a Suspicious Network of Domains

Search engine scams continue to increase in volume despite the security efforts of major search engine services. The persistent effectiveness of blackhat SEO techniques and the growing list of suspicious or unwanted search results are just some of the pressing concerns that plague Internet users.

In line with that, WhoisXML API analyzed web search results and discovered a whole network of domains potentially used in search engine scams. Our analysis includes:

  • A seed list consisting of 80+ domains obtained from two popular search engines, along with their WHOIS records  
  • 170+ domains connected to the initial domain names, along with their WHOIS record details
  • Malware check of the domains, revealing that none of them are blacklisted and are, therefore, considered safe to access
  • SSL certificate analysis of the domains, showing that several use a recently obtained SSL certificate 

Download the threat research materials containing the data exposing a possible network of domains used in search engine scams.

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