Darknet Market Domain Investigation Webinar with SocialLinks and Jörn Weber | WhoisXML API


Darknet Market Domain Investigation Webinar with SocialLinks, Jörn Weber and WhoisXML API

Corma OSINT expert and managing partner Jörn Weber, SocialLinks project manager Sonya Oronova, and WhoisXML API Senior Director of Business Development Alexander Ronquillo tackled how the new WhoisXML API transforms can help address issues forensics investigators typically face in this domain investigation webinar.

Highlights from this Session:

  • Using 13 WhoisXML API transforms’ capabilities on Maltego to demonstrate how to get relevant data points to deepen investigations related to three publicly known cybercrime cases
  • The disappearance of Cryptoqueen Dr. Ruja and connected domain names and registration data
  • Operation Bayonet, a law enforcement operation targeting AlphaBay and alleged mastermind Alexandre Cazes and other darknet markets

Know more by watching the webinar “How to Find Information Using Domain Records” or contact us for more details.

  • WXA Webinar Host: Sonya Oronova (SocialLinks)
  • Featured Speakers: Jörn Weber (Corma OSINT expert and managing partner), Alexander Ronquillo (WXA Senior Director of Business Development)
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