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How to Identify and Investigate CSAM?

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In this webcast, our panel of experts from WhoisXML API and The Anti-human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative (ATII) will look at the dark underbelly of the insidious networks that enable the distribution of child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Delve into critical issues surrounding cybersecurity, financial integrity, and the urgent need to combat CSAM. Learn how investigators can identify and investigate child sexual abuse and exploitation online.

Highlights from this Session:

  • Introduction to The Anti-human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative
  • What is Child Sexual Abuse Material? – Comprehensive understanding of CSAM and its forms.
  • What are domain registration trends related to CSAM? – Explore the evolving patterns in domain registrations linked to CSAM activities.
  • How do you identify and investigate CSAM? – Uncover the advanced techniques and methodologies employed in identifying and conducting thorough investigations into CSAM cases.
  • How can WhoisXML API's tools be used to combat CSAM? – Learn how WXA offers a powerful arsenal for investigators (With a special benefit for investigators in the end!).

  • WXA Webinar Host: Ghlenda Salcedo
  • Featured Speakers: Larry Cameron (The Anti-Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative,, Ed Gibbs (WXA Field CTO), Alexandre Francois (WXA Head of Marketing & Security researcher)
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