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Domain Registration Trends Report—Q2 2022

The domain registration landscape can be affected by many things, but WhoisXML API detected and studied six general themes and trends in particular.

As part of mapping the domain registration landscape, we dived into some of the most significant events, trends, and threats that occurred in Q2 2002. Among the registration drivers identified are holidays, seasons, news, global events, technological developments, and industry-specific trends.

Among our findings and key takeaways are:

  • About 13% of the tax season-related properties added in Q2 were malicious, making this trend account for the highest share in terms of malicious usage.
  • Most of the domains across all trends and themes were geolocated and registered in the U.S.
  • GoDaddy was the number 1 registrar across all drivers, except for e-commerce-themed domains where Wix took the lead.
  • Holiday-related domain registrations began picking up 2–3 weeks before the event dates.

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