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Domain Name Buying Tips for Domain Investors

Domain Name Buying Tips for Domain Investors

With the steady adoption of the Internet worldwide, majority of the businesses are shifting to the web. It has now become crucial for businesses to have an online presence. As of 2016, there are about 1.1 billion websites with about 4.5 billion total pages.  But out of these websites about 60% are ‘inactive’. These websites are kept as ‘placeholders’ for sale or have only a page or so of stale content.

The boom in the web has given Domain Investors a great scope to earn monies by registering various domain names and then selling them to buyers who would like to set up their businesses. Although .com TLD is the most popular one, it is also the most saturated. Every common name with a .com TLD is already registered. And so is the case with all the other popular TLDs. With a scenario like this, the task of Domain Investors has become much more difficult.

Here we would like to share some tips on how Domain Investors should invest in different domain names in 2017:

Find your niche

Concentrate on a particular industry or an idea that interests you and focus completely on that. Follow what’s happening in that industry, latest news, trends, future forecasts, changes etc. This can help you purchase or even create domain names with much more understanding of your buyer’s need. Concentrated domain buying by understanding the market forces can have better returns than investing in domains across industries without actually knowing what’s happening.

Name selection

Domain Investors need to build a decent sized portfolio of domain names.  In order to do so, you need to foresee what domain names may become popular in the future and purchase them in bulk hoping they increase in value. Certain criteria for choosing the name can be as follows:
Product Names
Choosing words that describe a product can be a great investment. Try and think of the new emerging products and buy them before they become popular.
Service Names
Creating domain names specific to a particular profession like lawyers etc., especially upcoming professions, can be a valuable asset.
Geographic Names
Combining products and service names with country names in creative ways can be a great idea. These are in great demand by businesses that are centered on the offering.
Event Names
Buying domain names for upcoming huge events like Olympics, FIFA etc. can be an assured catch, which can be sold off to the event organizers or other businesses working in conjunction with it.

Offer value

Invest in domain names that will offer value to your buyers. Always ask yourself if you owned a business in that industry would you have a domain name that you are selling. Keep in mind certain basic rules:

  • Is it simple & memorable?
  • Does it have the business keywords?
  • Don’t misspell domain names
  • Avoid numbers, symbols and hyphens

Old is gold

.com was and still remains the most popular TLD for website owners. It is a low-risk investment with the highest average sale in the secondary market. Though most .com domains are already sold and are reselling at a higher price, it is always a good idea to have some in your kitty. But do avoid long and complicated names.  Also, there are still plenty of opportunities to invest in and profit from; you just need to think out of the box.

Search recently expired domains

Previously registered domain names that have recently expired can be a great investment opportunity. Sometimes individuals & businesses register domains and no longer need them. WhoisXmlApi provides a daily list of Recently Expired Domains so that you can find such domains on time and register your preferred choices before others.

Also through Whois data keep a track of domains that you are eyeing for and note its expiration date so incase it’s not renewed by the owner you can grab it way before anyone knows about it.

New TLD Trend

New gTLDs have made an impact in the domain industry and will continue to do so in 2017, as there are considerable opportunities to locate a TLD that fits a business niche and identity. Businesses and individuals are now leveraging these new gTLDs in order to connect with their target audiences. The wealth of these new gTLDs means that companies can find a domain name that more closely resembles their industry, product, cause and brand. Though there is still some skepticism over this emerging trend, but carefully thought through TLDs can be a huge asset. If there’s a new TLD that would be shorter, it could be more valuable than a longer .com.

Building your portfolio needs an immense understanding of the domain industry combined with enormous research on domains and trends. To help you with your domain research WhoisXmlApi is offering a Domineer Solution which is a customized Whois data solution package for Domain Investors. Understanding the data needs of Domain investors we have combined our products and services to ensure that you have all the data you need for your work. To know more about the package please click on the link:

Do keep watching this space for more tips and tricks specific to domain industry.  Until then do invest wisely!

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