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Registrar Solutions: Streamlining Complex Domain Name Processes

Registrar Solutions: Streamlining Complex Domain Name Processes

It can be hard to be in the domain registration business these days. Yes, there are millions of new websites launched every year under thousands of TLDs, leading to a highly dynamic landscape with lots of opportunities for registrars. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

But there’s also stiff competition — i.e., thousands of accredited domain registration firms currently in operation — which has resulted in a buyer’s market where a domain name can be acquired for as little as $10 or $20 a year. To be noticed in such a crowded market, registrars must distinguish themselves from the rest by delivering value-added and flawless services while keeping costs low.

With that in mind, to ensure customer satisfaction and smooth operations, registrars need access to critical and timely WHOIS information, notably on domain availability and expiration — that is, whether or not a given web address of your interest is actually available for the launch of a new product, service, or page in general.

Such information is available through third-party vendors like WhoisXML API. The company’s Registrar Solutions provides a real-time bridge to ample domain data through its WHOIS database and APIs. Let’s explore the necessity for domain registrations firms and advantages presented to them here.

Registrars and WHOIS: One Can’t Go Without the Other

There are strong interdependencies between WHOIS and registrars. Firstly, registrars are accountable for providing accurate statuses on both new and existing domain names and their registrants. While that doesn’t sound too hard, it’s actually a thorough job for major registrars, which must be able to seamlessly handle the reporting of hundreds of registrations daily or more often.

In fact, each registrar depends on the devotion of its peers to this centralization process of WHOIS records as administered by ICANN. Anyone who sells or renews a domain name but fails to report it immediately can create chaos and confusion — e.g., addresses registered twice, failed renewals, customer complaints, legal actions, etc.

In short, everyone is better off with accurate WHOIS data that prevents such lapses and keep all registrars on the same page. Yet, what’s the role of companies like ours in making it all possible and effortless?

A Closer Look at Registrar Solutions

WhoisXML API and its Registrar Solutions provide registrars with streamlined access to WHOIS databases without having to spend time and effort developing the backend. The company sets up and manages public WHOIS services that give registrars secure and reliable domain registration, management, and transfer services.

Registrars can leverage the service and therefore devote full attention to their core business while having a dependable WHOIS operation taken care of for them. It can be used to implement the daily activities that include checking whether a domain name is available or has expired, facilitating domain transfers for their owners, and checking historic data to verify ownership and other details.

Whatever purpose may be required, customers can be assured they will find what they need. This is made possible through WhoisXML API’s extensive WHOIS databases, which contain 6+ billion WHOIS records, 582+ million domains being tracked, 2,864+ TLDs and ccTLDs, and 99.5% of all known IP addresses.

Besides tracking data, our Registrar Solutions can be instrumental in assisting law enforcement as it helps registrars uncover and report domains that are involved in phishing scams or cyber-attacks. Registrars can also check the validity of reports from users claiming malicious activity from certain domains to ensure that suspicious websites are promptly removed to avoid penalties.

Moreover, registrars can help their clients to track keywords of their interest, which allows them to quickly acquire the expired domains that used them. Specific keywords can also be monitored to discover market trends that call for offering particular domain names for sale. Additionally, registrars can take notice of such value-added services as brand, trademark, or domain monitoring.

Working with WhoisXML API

Our key differentiator is extensive, reliable, and easy-to-use domain data. To make that happen, we continually send a series of DNS and WHOIS requests to gather all the available information on any particular domain name. The result comes in both raw and well-parsed and normalized formats and includes accurate information about the domain owner; the domain registrar; the dates when the domain was registered, updated, or expired, along with a list of DNS records and other relevant domain details. Additional information regarding the host of a specific domain’s Web server, mail server, and DNS is also provided.

Additionally, WhoisXML API has a team of experts that are available for consultation concerning every aspect of WHOIS and domain management. A customized solution package can be prepared according to particular requirements which can be discussed during the consultation. Registrars may also send in their specifications, and we’ll promptly get back to them with a corresponding plan and price.

Registrars think, live, and breathe domain names, and they need continuous access to domain data for multiple functions. Signing up for our Registrar Solutions will take a huge load off their shoulders and give them more time to pay attention to their core markets.

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