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Manage Your Domain's Whois Database Downloads Effectively Now!

If your business requires historic Domain data on a large scale, opting for Domain Database Downloads is the perfect solution. While the database dumps provided by is well parsed and provided in popular MYSQL or CSV files, fishing the required data from the plethora of information in the database can be a little cumbersome!

Understanding our customers need for streamlined and fast fishing, we have partnered with WhoDat, in order to help companies that prefer not to invest in creating a back-end infrastructure for Database Downloads. WhoDat works as a front-end for data, providing an interactive, pivotable application for analysts to use while performing research.

All you need is Database Downloads from, and with the help of WhoDat you can directly call API from your own internal database.

Some of the benefits of using WhoDat for your Database Downloads are:

Call Whois API Inhouse
You do not need the internet every time you call a Whois API and can do so directly from WhoDat and the Domain Database dumps on your machine.

Save Time
WhoDat caches the entire database and indexes it, resulting in really fast query results, which is not possible directly in the local downloaded database.

Use Updated Information
If you receive daily updates from for your Database Downloads, you can incorporate flags to include/ exclude certain fields that you want to track.

Compare a Domain's Data
Typically, WhoDat will return information for only a single (and almost always the current) version of the domain that is found in the database. However, you may specify more information to obtain particular versions of domain information or to obtain the latest entry. You may also create a difference report between two versions of a domain, so as to see what has changed across versions.

Open Source
WhoDat is Open Source, which can be modified by a business to suit its particular requirements without any hassles.
To download WhoDat software click

So now what are you waiting for? Get Database Downloads for major gTLDS, ccTLDS and top 1 million Alexa & Quantcast domains at You can also select from multiple packages, including; partial database dumps to complete database downloads, and also getting daily updates of the entire database downloaded. With over 250 million domain records in our database, we assure you will never run out of any Domain records, when you need them!

In case you have any further questions on the same, please do comment in the box below!

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