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WhoisXML API Is Now a Sumo Logic Partner

As part of our efforts to make the Internet safer and more transparent, WhoisXML API recently became an integration partner of Sumo Logic, a cloud-based machine data analytics company.

With WhoisXML API, Sumo Logic users can enrich their incident investigations and accelerate threat response through access to well-parsed and normalized WHOIS, IP, and DNS intelligence. This data provides SOC analysts, security teams, threat intelligence companies, and other users with much-needed internet visibility.

Streamlining Security Operations with Sumo Logic

As an all-in-one cloud data analytics platform focusing on security and business intelligence provision, Sumo Logic enables organizations to modernize their security operations through automation and tool orchestration. 

Sumo Logic collects security data from various sources to investigate threat incidents and alerts. The platform then uses machine learning (ML) to cut through the noise surrounding the evolving threat landscape. It reduces false positives and allows security teams to focus on threats that matter most to their organization while avoiding manual and time-consuming tasks to respond to incidents faster.

WhoisXML API Cyber Intelligence for Complete Internet Visibility

WhoisXML API has been providing thousands of users with the most comprehensive WHOIS, IP, and DNS data repositories—a result of more than a decade’s worth of information gathering and aggregation. Our market-leading data coverage spans billions of passive DNS and current and historical WHOIS records for billions of domains and subdomains and 99.5% of IP addresses in use.

Sumo Logic users now have access to our repositories through various APIs, namely:

  • WHOIS API, which retrieves the WHOIS data of a given domain
  • DNS Lookup API, which retrieves the DNS records of a given domain
  • Domain Reputation API, which provides insights into a domain’s infrastructure, its possible configuration issues, and an overall reputation score
  • Subdomains Lookup API, which lists the subdomains residing on a specific domain
  • IP Geolocation API, which provides the location details of an IP address

These WhoisXML API capabilities, now integrated and obtainable via Sumo Logic, add critical context to aid security teams as they investigate incidents, accelerate threat response, and strengthen their organization’s cybersecurity.

Tool Orchestration and Data Sharing Amplify Security Protection

WhoisXML API CEO and founder, Jonathan Zhang, believes this collaboration with Sumo Logic can help boost end-users’ cybersecurity posture, adding, “Partnering with Sumo Logic makes WhoisXML API’s extensive internet intelligence available to a wider audience, giving security teams access to contextual information in the form of WHOIS, IP, and DNS data points for faster and more informed threat response.”

Cybersecurity requires the combined effort of all stakeholders. With that in mind, WhoisXML API endeavors to continue working with organizations like Sumo Logic, allowing us to distribute valuable data points to a broader audience for more effective and efficient automated incident response and other cybersecurity processes.

If you want to learn more about our cyber intelligence and how it can add value to your business and processes, feel free to contact us.

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