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Attack Surface Management (ASM) Solutions

Cyber attack surfaces are growing exponentially, fueled by millions of domain, subdomain, and IP/DNS events recorded every day.

Our Attack Surface Management (ASM) Solutions enable security platform architects, managed security service providers (MSSPs), and security operations centers (SOCs) to better scope, oversee, and monitor their web assets and connected footprints.

Use our cyber threat intelligence sources to identify known and unknown attack vectors and entry points, ease defensive asset monitoring, and proactively reduce your attack surface.

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11.5+ billionWHOIS records
582+ millionDomains tracked
2,864+TLDs & ccTLDs
1.2+ billionDomains and subdomains

Get control of your cyber attack surface with our ASM Solutions:

  • Discover all your assets and set up alert and monitoring processes to track modifications made to your footprint.
  • Identify the hidden assets in your or third parties’ root domains that could damage your reputation.
  • Identify and monitor domain names in countries with high geopolitical cyber risks combining various cyber threat intelligence sources.
  • Find out who is behind an attack on your network with deep dives into digital crumbs threat actors leave behind.
  • Enrich existing blacklists with additional threat intelligence and footprints that have yet to appear in publicly available reports.
  • Get full-blown results even if you only have a domain, subdomain, IP address, WHOIS data, or DNS record identifier to start with.
  • Discover and fix security gaps and vulnerabilities (e.g., dangling records, open ports, etc.).

Customizable solution components

Enterprise Security Intelligence Packages

All-in-one domain and IP intelligence database package with unlimited access to WHOIS History API.

Enterprise Tools Packages

A selection of tools and platforms for domain research and monitoring to obtain complete lists of threat-connected domains and IP addresses.

Enterprise API Packages

A wide range of APIs with access to comprehensive intelligence from WhoisXML API’s enterprise-grade IT infrastructure that is ready for quick integration.

Enterprise Data Feed Packages

Extensive domain, IP, and DNS databases that are easily downloadable, formatted for immediate correlation, and come with predictable pricing options.

Choose one or all of our customizable packages. Drop us an email for pricing options and other details.

Our attack surface management value proposition

Meet specific business requirements

Find the best way to enhance your attack surface management capabilities using our wide array of APIs, data feeds, and web-based solutions.

Get the full picture

Our cyber attack surface solution packages allow you to scrutinize every domain, subdomain, IP address, and other potential hidden attack vectors in your and third parties’ networks.

Go straight to attack reduction

Scouring the entire Web on your own requires a lot of time and effort, not to mention data mining expertise. We have done all that already so you can focus on attack surface reduction.

Timely information

Our domain, IP, DNS, and threat intelligence databases get regular refreshes, so you have the latest and most relevant data at your fingertips.

Customer success stories

Third-party risk monitoring with domain and IP intelligence

NormShield uses our comprehensive sets of domain, subdomain, and IP intelligence sources to conduct thorough risk evaluations and deliver results through intuitive scorecards.

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WHOIS data helps identify dangerous web assets

IBM’s QRadar collects DNS transactions and correlates them with WHOIS data to support fraud prevention by identifying risky domains and IP addresses.

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