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Precise and exhaustive data is vital to analyze and prevent cyber crime. For professionals in cyber security, domain WHOIS data ranks as key data points essential to their work. Being aware how important this is, we came up with an exhaustive Data Solution package that offers a maximum coverage of both timely and historic data, complete with instruments for prompt, meticulous, and productive analysis.

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5 billion+
WHOIS records
300 million+
Domain names tracked
TLDs & ccTLDs
99.5 %
IP addresses in use covered

Customizable solution components

WHOIS Database Download

Yearly subscription plan comprises 4 quarterly downloads as well as day-by-day updates of our comprehensive WHOIS database. Our comprehensive WHOIS database includes more than 3,000,000,000 domains that cover thousands of TLDs, increasing by hundreds of thousands WHOIS and domain records every day.

2,000,000 WHOIS API queries per month

You won’t ever be short of relevant WHOIS data again. A regular package is aimed at around 2,000,000 WHOIS API monthly queries, and can be tailored to any number of monthly queries according to your needs.

Historic WHOIS Record Dump

A single dump of more than 5 billion historic WHOIS records. It contains practically every gTLD apart from selected ccTLDs.


We offer Reverse WHOIS API! Identify all the domains related to an organization or an individual and find how various domains, organizations and individuals are connected. It’s a superb tool if you aim to investigate or cross-check on particular search terms available in the WHOIS Records.

You can select all of the mentioned components or pick those you specifically need. For pricing and details contact us.

Practical usage

  • Identify any connected domain names, websites and IP addresses linked to malicious activity and identify loopholes in domain security.
  • Cross-reference domain names in the WHOIS database as well as other handy DNS records and data.
  • Identify domain owners and make sure you are protected from possible phishing emails by checking WHOIS data, recognize registration attributes and cross-references with any other domain name registration with the same details. [1]
  • Recognize conceivably dangerous domains and websites by means of several parsed WHOIS data attributes.
  • Identify and insure yourself against fraud, including credit card fraud.
  • Investigate spam shots, fraud, intrusions, and other malicious online activities.
  • Detect physical location of online users.
  • Conduct investigations to deal with threats. (Enable threat intelligence platform/investigations.)
  • Collect investigative leads to identify parties who may conceivably share extra information. [2]
  • Detect cyber threats by investigating historic and active dangerous behavior on a network and draw up a map of the adversary's infrastructure. [2]

Customer success stories

DNS Forensics Using the Big Data Extension of IBM’s QRadar Security Intelligence Platform

The basis of IBM’s key security solutions is the QRadar Security Intelligence Platform, a security information and event management system (SIEM). It is a unified platform covering many security-related tasks and incorporating a broad spectrum of solutions including the use of X-Force Threat Intelligence, IBM’s cloud-based threat intelligence platform.

The big data extension of QRadar can be used to do DNS forensics in order to identify risky domains, risky users, and risky IP addresses, and feed this information back to QRadar in order to define new protection rules...

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WhoDat Project: an Interactive Pivotable Tool for Working with WHOIS Data

As the analysis and research of WHOIS data is crucial in cybersecurity, the MITRE cooperation develops a front-end for the services provided by WhoisXML API in support of researchers' and analysts' work...

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