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More and more each day, the internet is connecting people and businesses all over the world. It is now attracting marketing researchers who try to understand what consumers want. By using domain data they can identify various trends and the online marketplace as a whole. Now they can obtain specific domain WHOIS records according to their research criteria to understand market forces and properly formulate various brand strategies. Our Solution package is an invaluable resource for researchers to gain fundamental insights in the cyber world, according to their needs.

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Customizable solution components

Enterprise API Packages

A comprehensive set of APIs for domain, WHOIS, DNS and IP research & monitoring, plus threat investigation, threat defense and SIEM (security information & event management) data enrichment.

Enterprise Data Feed Packages

A comprehensive set of data feeds that contain both real-time and historic domains, WHOIS, DNS, IP and cyber threat intelligence datasets that are useful for efficient big data infosec analytics, forensic analysis, SIEM (security information & event management) data enrichment. Ideal when enterprise or government security policies prohibit the use of API calls outside the internal network.

Bulk WHOIS Lookup

Bulk WHOIS API provides WHOIS records for a bulk list of domains/IPs via a single REST API query. Get key data points for domains including the Registrant name, organization, e-mail address, registration address, registrar information, creation date, expiration date, last update, domain availability, domain age, and many more. All of the WHOIS information is duly parsed and normalized to a consistent format that is easy to integrate into your business practices.

Bulk Email Verification

In email marketing, it is important that the emails you send are verified, validated, and, most importantly, received by customers. One of the most common causes of bouncing emails is unverified email addresses. Increase your sender score and enhance the quality of your email campaign with our easy-to-use online Bulk Email Validation service that makes it a lot easier to verify the existence, validity, & quality of any email address.

Domain Research Suite

You can greatly enhance your domain research toolkit with our enterprise-grade web-based solution that will be invaluable in searching and monitoring domain-related data. You can also integrate our monitoring and search facilities into your applications and immediately access one of the largest databases of WHOIS data.

Data Feeds on Newly Registered and Recently Expired Domains

On a daily basis, get downloadable lists of newly registered and recently expired domains so as to always be updated on what is happening in the domain world. You can always customize the plan according to your needs and get the right amount of the data required.

You can select all of the mentioned components or pick those you specifically need. For pricing and details contact us.

Practical usage

  • Website owners and managers can use our service to recognize new business and partnership opportunities and locate potential purchasers through the contact specifics provided in the domain WHOIS information.
  • Stay updated on media and marketing movements concerning a company’s web presence, even before they are announced. [1]
  • Collect contact information from new domain registrants to build contact lists and grow marketing messaging reach. [2]
  • Investigate and stay informed on websites created from media trends or by prominent organizations and notable figures. [3]
  • Those seeking to rebrand or start a new business can detect availability of domains and discover adjacent domains to expand consumer awareness.
  • Stay updated on companies collecting new domains in regards to brand extensions. [4]
  • Stay informed with movements in acquisitions and divestiture activities (i.e., selling a once-owned domain name or a suspected combined domain name for post-merger use). [5]
  • Enrich, validate, verify and increase the accuracy of existing business contact database for Company Names, their websites and other meta data.
  • Monitor specific ‘keywords’ to understand & evaluate online trends occurring during different times.
  • Keep a tab on competitors & track new domain registrations from them.

Customer success stories

Whois Data Opening up a New Avenue
for the Measurement of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the central process through which economic growth and performance is fostered in a regional economy. Its evaluation is thus of paramount importance for policymakers and economists. However, the quantification of entrepreneurship, that is, introduction of measures to describe the attempts to start growth-oriented business, the likelihood of their success, the ability to raise venture capital, etc. is a challenging task due to the lack of globally available and accurate input data on e.g. business registration.

In a recent working paper a new approach is proposed to overcome this issue by using WHOIS registration data. The approach is applied to companies in Oxford and Cambridge, UK as a demonstration, by using data purchased from WhoisXML API.

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