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Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Solutions

The need to manage and reduce third-party risk has become essential as organizations work with more external partners than ever before.

Our third-party risk management solutions provide cybersecurity professionals with the intelligence they need on external entities’ web assets—domains, subdomains, IP addresses, and DNS servers—to study their entire digital presence and reveal hidden vulnerabilities.

Our cyber threat intelligence sources are easy to integrate into security products or as part of the processes of managed security service providers (MSSPs) and security operations centers (SOCs).

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13.7+ billionWHOIS records
721+ millionDomains tracked
2,864+TLDs & ccTLDs
4.2+ billionDomains and subdomains

Assess and manage third-party risk with our TPRM solutions:

  • Obtain as much data as possible on potential partners before sealing the deal to avoid third-party risk.
  • Map third parties’ entire footprints from a single identifier—a domain name, a subdomain, an IP address, or a WHOIS or DNS record entry.
  • Identify weak spots and potential vulnerabilities in third-party vendor networks by looking into their WHOIS and DNS records.
  • Find third parties’ dangling DNS records or forgotten subdomains that can put your operations in harm’s way.
  • Check that your third-party vendors are not sharing assets with malicious hosts or are not linked to locations known for high geopolitical cyber risks.
  • Detect domains and subdomains looking like those of third parties—which phishers, spammers, and typosquatters might use in cyber attacks.

Customizable solution components

Enterprise Security Intelligence Packages

Get unlimited access to various combinations of our sources via API calls or database downloads with our domain and IP intelligence packages.

Enterprise Tools Packages

Benefit from our domain research and monitoring tools and platforms to study hosts and access lists of potentially harmful domains, subdomains, IP addresses, and other web assets.

Enterprise API Packages

Integrate our selection of domain and IP intelligence APIs available through WhoisXML API’s scalable infrastructure with predictable consumption tiers.

Enterprise Data Feed Packages

Access our downloadable domain, IP, and DNS databases for use within your security environment and customized correlation with other sources.

Try out any of our customizable enterprise packages. Contact us for more information.

Our third-party risk management value proposition:

Complete product selection

We help enterprises avoid third-party risks with our vast collection of APIs, databases, and web-based solutions to keep both known and unknown threats at bay.

See the whole picture

Our third-party vendor risk assessment and management solutions let you dig deep into each domain, subdomain, IP address, DNS server, and the connections between them.

Identify third-party risks faster

Our data science experts have done the legwork of gathering, integrating, and processing multiple sources of intelligence so you can directly go to third-party risk assessment and management.

Get the latest details

We update our domain, IP, and threat intelligence data feeds regularly to make sure you can identify and act on even the latest third-party risk factors.

Customer success stories

WhoisXML API supports thorough third-party assessment

NormShield customers can assess their external cyber risk posture by performing nonintrusive third-party risk assessments aided by our intelligence solutions.

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WHOIS data helps with enterprise-level filtering

WhoisXML API’s data is relevant in filtering dangerous domain names connected to the Web Proxy Autodiscovery (WPAD) protocol and name collision.

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