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IEEE was searching for a solution to automate its manual process of ensuring hundreds of independently-owned IEEE domain names were being updated with their latest information in the WHOIS Domain Name Registry. More specifically, there was a critical need of identifying upcoming domain name expirations early in order to alert their owners of potential losses...

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Karlis Blumentals
Mozello is the world's friendliest website builder. We operate worldwide, in a variety of national and global markets. Mozello users come from over 150 countries. Since we offer built-in domain registration services to our customers, we needed an easy-to-implement domain availability checking solution that covers all possible domain names, including exotic ones. We decided to use WhoisXML API as it provides right what we need at a reasonable cost and with zero maintenance, plus it is very easy to implement. This allows us to focus on making Mozello a better website builder, while outsourcing domain availability checking to WhoisXML API.
Yannick Delsahut
I appreciate your API that is useful to check domain expiration dates.

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